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Better rankings means better traffic, and better traffic results in better income.

Being a blogger, you always want to see your blog among the top Google search results. Many other bloggers aspire the same, but only a few could feature among the top ones.

In fact, there are just 3 big factors that decide the search engine rankings of a blog. Here are they,

Content: Most important

What you write in a blog and what readers perceive is important in deciding how it would perform. You can’t serve satires and phrases in a technical blog. It must be written to the point with no crappy introductory portion. The content must be fresh, informative and understandable to both novice and advanced readers.

Writing a blog with information from reliable research materials, and blending with your own ideas is the best way of gaining top rank in Google search results. Also, writing must be amateur to stamp your credibility and authority within your niche.

Content from wikipedia and other websites must be avoided as they help little in improving ranking of a blog post.

A content written in simple but interesting language captivate readers and prompts them to visit your blog again and again. It also lures them to subscribe to your feeds and connect with your blog through social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter.

Writing a quality blog is worth than writing multiple ones with no one to read and comment on.

Backlink: Establish reputation

In election, one with the most votes win and this is what happens with Google search.

A blog that gets maximum backlinks is expected to appear better in Google. Backlinks are counted as votes which ultimately affects its position in the search results.

Backlink is counted from 0 to 10 and its valued according to the number of total inbound links and type of sites providing those links. A link to a technical blog from is worth more than multiple links from a lowly ranked website.

Usually, a blog gets backlinks with time, however submission to bookmarking sites along with clever marketing strategies can increase the rate of gaining backlinks. The biggest factor for increasing backlinks is still the quality of content. Better content gain backlinks faster than one with poor content.

SEO: Increase friendliness with Google

The most basic element of making a blog search engine friendly is the SEO (Search engine optimization). Its a set of techniques that must be employed by a blogger, or SEO expert to make a blog catch attention of search engines in a better manner. In SEO, we usually talk about 3 main things,

  1. Keywords and Keyphrases: These are trending, hot words and phrases that people commonly put in their search query. More and more such words, related to the blog should be used while writing the content. Google uses these keyword to weigh the importance of a blog against the searched queries.

    For this blog ie ‘See your blog among top Google search results now‘, some good keywords and keyhrases are ‘Google’, ‘blog’, ‘top’, ‘rank’, ‘search result’, ‘Google search result’, ‘top results’ etc.

  2. Keywords positioning: Correct placement of these keywords and keypharases is another pivotal element for improving SEO of a blog. One should place as many keywords as possible, and as earlier as possible.

    A keywords/keyphrase in first paragraph is more valuable than one placed in the 2nd paragraph. The same trend continues as we move from top to bottom(and left to right) of the blog.

  3. Keyword density: Repetition of a keywords/keyphrases is necessary to position a blog among top Google search results. There must a density of 3-5 percent, which means a keyword must be repeated 3-5 times per 100 words of the blog.

    Keeping this ratio is important, but without distorting the content to make it look weird while reading. Don’t forget, content is still the key.

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