See the time of day when your website gets most traffic

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You can track the number of visits your website is getting each day. But what about the hourly stats of the daily traffic. How the know of the time at which traffic is peak in your site?

You can easily check this from your Google Analytics dashboard only. Here is how,

1. Login to Analytics profile. In ‘Standard Reporting’ page, change to ‘Hourly’ from default ‘Day’ option below the date selector.

See hour of day when website gets most traffic

2. You’ll see a graph. Just move your cursor over the line graph to get the hourly stats of traffic for a day.

See time of day when website gets most traffic

Knowing of peak traffic hours/time helps in scheduling the time of publishing posts/updates in the site. If traffic is peak at around 8PM in evening then authors can create post in the day and publish before 8 to ensure that the returning visitors gets something useful when they visit.

Such little things from Google Analytics results can help a webmaster in understanding the visitors and what they perceive about the site.

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