See Gmail login history in easy steps

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You have a Gmail account. You know the password, also your sister, brother, a few friends knew about it. So its important to keep track of whether they are logging into your account, whether they are reading your email and chatlogs.

This can only be done by checking login history of Gmail. But how to do this? Is there any way of seeing who’s logging to a Gmail account.

In fact, Gmail does store all login information including browser name, IP address, location and date. So you can easily view it and notice if any login is suspicious and isn’t done by you.

Here is how to view Gmail login history,

  1. Login to Gmail and click on the detail link at absolute bottom.

    click details to see gmail login history

  2. This will open up a pop-up window containing all login history. As said before, it’ll include browser name, IP address, location and date.

    gmail login history shown

    click to expand

  3. You can also set alert for unusual login. This will notify you when someone logins to Gmail with a different location or IP.

Note: If there is any suspicious activity, password should be changed immediately.

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