SecurityKISS: Simplest way to stay anonymous while online

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If you like to stay anonymous online then using a VPN client is best option for better security. But even VPN service needs your personal details like email address and other details. Thus, you need some simpler option if you are not interested in providing your personal details and create account with VPN service.Today I’ll tell you about a simpler method to securely stay anonymous without loosing your privacy to anyone.

SecurityKISS is a tiny straightforward VPN tool (based on OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP). Its small enough to be used with any configuration device (just 2.50MB) available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. With SecurityKISS you need not to create any account or provide your personal details etc. Just download the installer from link given below, install and you are ready to go anonymous online with single click to “Connect” option.

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SecurityKISS searchs and provides a server closer to your location. This helps SecurityKISS to maintain browsing performance. For customizing or choosing another server use “Choose Server” option before connecting.Its useful to bypass annoying location-based web restrictions.


  • No need to create account or provide email etc.
  • Useful to bypass annoying location-based web restrictions
  • Small installer, quick to response.
  • Less resource hungry.
  • Browsing speed is good.


  • Restricted free version-only 300MB traffic allowance per day.
  • Mediocre performance.
  • No options to choose from many servers.
  • No support for email clients, games, VoIP, music or video streams.

Final Verdict: SecurityKISS is very easy to install and use by maintaining perfect privacy and staying anonymous. Some restrictions of free version and lack of features may annoy some users.

Download: SecurityKISS (2.5MB only)

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