SBI netbanking: Activation, adding beneficiary and carrying out transaction

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Internet banking is often shortly referred as netbanking. State Bank of India(SBI) is among the very first banks to start the service yet most users are still devoid of the service. Today we’ve a comprehensive guide wherein we tell you everything right from activating SBI netbanking to using it for transaction and bill payments. And, finally a shot on tips to keep netbanking account secure.

sbi netbanking, from activation to using it

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Activating SBI netbanking: To activate SBI netbanking first you need to fill an application and submit to the branch. The Bank officer would verify identity and provide you with a netbanking kit within a day or two. Once you get the kit, you can start using the service.

Add a new beneficiary: Next you want to transfer amount to someone’s account. To do so, you first need to add the payee as beneficiary. Once the payee account is added and verified by SBI, you can start transferring amount to the beneficiary.

Transfer amount to the beneficiary: Once beneficiary is added, making payment is the next step. Its a multi-step process, so you need to do this with utmost care. Also, keep you mobile with you as you need to enter a high security code sent to your mobile phone to complete the process.

Delete a beneficiary: After adding the beneficiary you might need to delete it when the need is fulfilled. You can add the beneficiary again in future. Here we show steps on how to delete a beneficiary from a SBI netbanking account.

Recharge mobile using SBI netbanking: Netbanking is the safest way of paying on online shopping sites. You can use it to recharge your mobile during nights and at times when shops are unavailable for recharging your mobile number.

Recover forgot login password of SBI netbanking: If you’ve forgotten your login username or/and password and can’t login to your netbanking account then there is an easy way of recovering it back. You just need to apply for a new username and password, and it’ll be mailed to your address.

Recover SBI profile password: Every SBI account has 2 passwords. One is the login password that’s same as the password of an email id. Additionally, there is another password called profile password that’s required when a new beneficairy is added./deleted/modified. In case, you’ve lost the profile password you can retrieve it by replying to a secret questions. But if you dont remenber it, you have to contact the bank with a reference number.

Safety tips while using SBI netbanking: Losing an email account can be bad but losing a netbanking account is disastrous. With a slick mistake, you can lose keys of your account and money could be erased off your account within a chink. So, its important follow some safety guidelines to keep an SBI netbanking account secure.

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