How to save webpage to computer for offline reading

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People always don’t have the time to read a blog or an article, so its better to save it on the computer and read it when the time allows. Though we can bookmark a page but it won’t work if you’re out of internet.

So here are some ways to save a webpage for offline reading,

1. Save webpage as file

Any webpage can be saved to computer by pressing CTRL+S keys or using ‘Save As‘ option on right-click. Every browser doesn’t provide ‘Save As’ option but CTRL+S works fine for all.

Suppose I wanna download a webpage in Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox then I’ll do a right-click on it and choose ‘Save As’ option.

save complete webpage to computer for offline reading-1

Alternatively, in Opera the same thing can be done by pressing CTRL+S keys.

save complete webpage to computer-3

This method works on all browsers – Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Maxthon, Avant etc.

You can check the Firefox Help to know more about page-saving options. Also, Microsoft’s Help & How-to provides the same information for IE 9.

2. Save webpage as PDF file

Next way of doing this is by saving webpage as PDF file. Some new browsers like Google Chrome has an inbuilt feature to covert webpages to PDF.

Here is how you can save a complete webpage in PDF format in Chrome,

1. Click wrench icon and then click on the ‘Print’ link.

save webpage to computer-4

2. Change the destination to ‘Save as PDF’.

save webpage to computer-5

click to expand

3. Save the file to your system.

save webpage to computer-6

click to expand

save webpage to computer-7

click to expand

3. Save webpage as image

A webpage can also be saved as image using the Windows ‘Prt Sc’ button. For Mac, its a combination of Command+Shift+3 buttons. This will take a snapshot of the entire webpage and you just need to save it to your computer system.

Here is how you can do this,

  1. Press ‘Prt Sc’ button of the keyboard.
  2. Next open a image editing software – MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, and paste image (pressing CRTL+V) on it.
  3. Save the image in .png or .jpeg format. That’s all! Now you have the webpage as image on your computer system.

4. Save webpages using Browser plugins and addons

There are many browser plugins and apps that allows offline reading of webpages. One such service is Pocket. Using the service, you can enlist multiple pages for offline viewing, no matter which browser or PC you use.

Once installed, the Pocket (formerly Read It Later) add-on for Firefox appears in the upper-right corner of the browser which provides easy access to the list of all saved pages. Moreover, you can execute operations -filter, search, sort the saved pages to your requirement.

The plugin is also available as addon for Chrome. For other browsers like Safari, Opera and others, you can install the Pocket bookmarklet to do offline reading of your favorite webpages.

The service is also available for smartphones and tablets.

5. The desi – Copy and Paste style

If you can’t do any of the above mentioned steps then just do a simple thing. Reach the webpage, press CTRL+C to copy the entire page content. And then paste the copied content to MS Word or Notepad pressing CTRL+V. Finally save the Word/Notepad file, and open it to read whenever you want.

save complete webpage to computer for offline reading-22

MS Word is a better option than Notepad as it takes all the images as well as links of the webpage.

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