Samsung Nexus S Smartphone to Travel in Space with Atlantis

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With the news that Samsung Nexus S is set to travel in space with Atlantis and the STS 135 mission, the global telecommunication race if all set to go through the roof, pun intended. This Samsung Smartphone’s space odyssey marks the beginning of what could probably be the fusion of the two most progressive times in human history, the space age and the digital age.

Samsung Nexus S Smartphone to Travel in Space with Atlantis

What is the Nexus S Smartphone?

Samsung Nexus S is a top end Smartphone from the mills of Nexus, collaboration between tech giants Samsung and Google. It has a 16 GB memory and a 512MB RAM on board which supplement and fuel a mighty ARM Cortex-A8 processor running at 1GHz with a PowerVR SGX540 GPU mounted together on a Hummingbird chipset. Earlier called the Samsung i9020, the Nexus S was officially release in December 2010.

Role in the space mission with Atlantis

SPHERES (Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites) is a system that aids astronauts at the International Space Station perform a wide variety of tasks. Way back in 1999 MIT and NASA collaboratively built five mini satellites which would join the SPHERES. In 2006 three of them were put in place at the ISS and the Nexus S Smartphones are going to join them now through an expansion and become their second brains. In addition to this, with the smartphone traveling in space with Atlantis work of ground staff would be heavily curtailed.

Why use Smartphones?

The use of the Nexus S Samsung Smartphones in the space station at spheres will according to Samsung allow NASA to control the satellites remotely from earth without requiring a dedicated operations team aboard the ISS. This would allow the satellites to oversee most of the mundane tasks like inventory checks and environmental maintenance of the ISS leaving the astronauts free to do some real research work.

The day has come for Smartphones to be recognized as the processing powerhouses they are, and for the leverage and control options they provide. With the Samsung Nexus S Smartphone going into the space, the race to develop a system capable of bettering Nexus S’s standards shall begin, or has probably already begun undercover.

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