Samsung galaxy tab price in India at online shopping sites

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Samsung is known for its stylish mobiles and economical price range. There is a wide range of Samsung Galaxy tablet with varying price tag. For example, if you want to buy Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010, it will cost you around Rs 13999 in India. On other hand Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Tablet is available for Rs 31500. Samsung Galaxy Tab 730 Tablet is much better than the rest two not because of its price which is just Rs 29900, but its technical specification.

There are several online shopping websites, but I do not value all of them. I would suggest you

Following are the market price of Samsung Galaxy tablet in India:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7500), Tablet Rs. 33,199
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 (P7300), Tablet Rs. 32,961
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 (P6200), Tablet Rs. 25,699
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Tablet Rs. 33,100
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, Tablet Rs. 32,415
  • Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab, Tablet Rs. 24,799
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 Rs. 14,490

Now lets check prices at some of the bigger online shopping websites in India. They provide hefty discounts from the tagged price.

samsung galaxy tab price in india

Prices at

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 (Pure white) Rs. 30990
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 730 (Pure White): Tablet Rs. 27900
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 680 (Light Silver): Rs. 34900
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 (Pure white): Rs. 26499

Prices at

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 (Pure white): Rs. 25990
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 680 (Light Silver): 34900
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 – Pure White: 34249
  • Samsung Galaxy TAB 730 (Pure White): 27099
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 – Soft Black Rs. 33999
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 Rs. 14499
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab: Rs. 25990

Prices at

  • Samsung Galaxy P750 Tablet (Pure white) Rs. 33490
  • Samsung Galaxy P6200 Tablet: Rs. 25499
  • Samsung Galaxy 7 inch Touch Screen: Rs. 24990

Prices at

  • Samsung Galaxy note white: R 32,700
  • Samsung Galaxy note blue: R 32,700
  • Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace, black: R 12,900
  • Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab, black: R 25,900

In addition to above mentioned online shopping stores there are lots of other online websites, but all of them are not genuine.

If you want to buy from any other website which you think is reliable then do not forget to compare the prices of the same model on at least three shopping stores.

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