How to rotate a website 360 degrees

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While watching a David Copperfield’s show, I got an idea of developing something that’s visually entertaining, hence started working on an app that rotates a website or webpage by 360 degrees. I call it as the rock-n-rolla 360 app.

This app is entirely CSS3 based which allows you to rotate any website or webpage like a spinning wheel.

You just need to enter the url/website name, open it and then press rotate. Once clicked, the website starts rotating by 360 degrees, round and round till you ask it to stop.

Its amazing, try it!

Lets see how to use this app,

  1. First open the app, enter the website name or any url. Click ‘open’ to open the webpage.

    enter website name to rotate

  2. Once the website appears, click rotate to rotate a webpage
  3. Your webpage would start rotating round and round. It’ll continue rotating till you refresh the page. To stop, either press F5 on keyboard or press reload button of your browser.yourravi website rotating 360 degrees

This app operates on each and every website barring those who directly blocks it, like Google and Facebook. Works fine on more than 95 percent website including Yahoo, Cricinfo, Myspace and many more.

Lets see some famous website that you can rotate using this awesome app,


myspace website rotated


rotated website of wikipedia


rotate yahoo website


rotate website of cricinfo


wordpress website rotate

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