How to reuse an old dead laptop battery?

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If your laptop dies soon after electricity goes off, then one of the following ways can be of great help in reviving your old laptop battery and use it again.

Note: In the blog,┬áI’m considering your laptop is having no battery power.

1st Way: Use old laptop battery for 15 minutes

The first method can provide you up-to 15 minutes backup on a 4-5 year old battery. Here is what you should do,

  1. First, take out the dead battery off your laptop and wrap in a newspaper. Make sure wrapping is airtight with no openings on edges.
  2. Keep the battery at a cold place for some days. Fridge or underground rooms are fine. You can also keep it in your lawn or roof during nights.
  3. After 5-6 days, take out the battery, unwrap it and remove any moisture present on it.
  4. Put the battery back-in your laptop casing and charge it full.
  5. Once it’s full-charged, unplug the adapter and push power button to start the laptop.
  6. Now, run it till entire battery runs out. You’ll get backup of approximately 15 minutes.

2nd Way: Use dead laptop battery for more than 30 minutes

The alternate way of reviving an old laptop battery requires bit of patience.

With this method, your laptop battery will start lasting up-to 30 minutes. For newer batteries, it can be as long as 1hr. Here is what you have to do,

  1. First power-on your laptop and put it in sleep mode. Unplug AC Adapter/charger and let battery to discharge.
  2. Repeat this again and again. After 1-2 days, it’ll start giving some power. You’ll notice a significant improvement in battery power when you switch on the laptop. It might run a few minutes.
  3. Continue doing this for a week or so. Check your battery again, it’ll start lasting much longer. In my case, 4 year old laptop battery ran for 40 minutes.

These two methods worked for me.

Try it, and tell me how long your battery lasted!

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