Now restore deleted Facebook page within 14 days by cancelling deletion request

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The social networking giant Facebook has added a 14 days restoration period for deleted Facebook pages. This is to prevent accidental deletion of pages by the admins. And also to give them a second chance to reconsider the decision if they impulsively decide to delete the page.

This latest change would also prevent deletion of a page by notorious admins and hackers.

Previously the feature was absent and an admin can delete a page permanently with a single click instantaneously. Due to this nearly 1210 reputed Facebook pages went down in the last few years.

As per a press release by Facebook, the window of 14 days restoration period for Facebook pages is launched after a number of Facebook users asked for it.

Now the deletion request, if made, for a Facebook page can be revoked within 14 days. Once the time is over, all the page information, posts and fans would be automatically deleted alongwith the page. On the last day before deletion, the page admins would be asked for one final permission. Once it’s granted, the page would be deleted permanently.

The page would also be removed from all fans profile who liked it.

Adding of 14 days restoration period for Facebook pages isn’t a blessing only for the admins but also for the social networking site. Facebook ads are the prime source of Facebook’s income, and the pages buy ads by paying hefty sums to increase their fans. So a lost Facebook page would also throw significant impact on Facebook’s revenue.

The recent change by Facebook helped one of my friends to prevent his Facebook page with over 800 fans from getting deleted. One of his admins accidentally deleted the page. But with the 14 days recovery period in hand, he immediately cancelled the request and prevented the unwanted from happening.

Page would display till its deleted i.e throughout 14 days. To make a page unavailable with immediate effect, admins can first ‘unpublish’ it and then make the deletion request.

Another recent change that could enhance the security of Facebook pages is the issuance of sub-admin roles for a page. Now a page can have 5 roles – Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser, Insight Analyst, with limited permissions rather than the only one ‘admin’ role that we previously had. Roles would be attributed by the superadmin (Manager) which would help in easy management of the pages.

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