How to Reset Transaction Password in Axis Bank netbanking

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It’s a human nature to forget things but when a bank password goes missing we involuntarily end up having sleepless nights. In the past few weeks, we’ve received queries from many readers who’re unsettled after losing their Axis Bank Transaction password.

One Mr. Samar from Sahibabad says,

Please tell how to reset axis bank transaction password online without going to bank. My wife changed it and now can’t remember.

Sonal from New Delhi says,

Sir, I forgot transaction password of my axis bank account. Please tell how to recover it? I urgently need it.

For Mr. Samar and Miss Sonal and our other valuable readers, today we explain 2 easy ways to reset transaction password in Axis Bank netbanking.

Method 1: Resetting online using Debit Card

For this, grab your Axis Bank debit card and do the following,

1. Go to and ‘Click Here’ option under Forgot Password block.

select forgot password option to reset transaction password in axis bank netbanking

2. Click ‘Continue’ on the instructions page you see.
3. Next enter Login id and click ‘Submit’.

enter customer id

4. Enter debit card details, check T&C and submit.

enter debit card details

5. In the next page, select Transaction password. Click ‘Proceed’.

select transaction password to reset

6. Enter the new password and 6-digit netSecure code sent to your mobile. Password should be strong and can’t be same as any of the older passwords.

Click ‘Submit’ to complete the process.

enter new transaction password for axis bank netbanking acount

7. Confirmation message will show up and your transaction password is now reset with the new one.

Method 2: Doing offline by going to bank

If debit card method isn’t working for you, the alternate method is to fill the transaction password reset form and submit to the nearest branch along-with a self-attested copy of id-proof. Carry original copy of id proof and passbook for verification. Once submitted, the application will be forwarded and new temporary password will be mailed to your postal address in some 2-3 days.

However, if you’re lucky then you might get new password immediately if bank chooses to reset it by its own but chances are less as its a norm for banks to deliver such highly confidential information only through postal mail to customer address.

The online method of resetting transaction password in Axis Bank is faster and hassle-free while second one could take few days to complete as new password is mailed by post.

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