Reliance shut down BigAdda social networking site

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Some of the best battle strategists throughout history have lived by the concept that if you can’t win a battle lock horns with someone your size. Reliance BigAdda, the telecom giant’s foray into the social networking segment is now officially closed. Since Bigadda is closed by Reliance, it has evolved into an e-commerce service now called the BigAdda Shop.

Here is how the older social networking site bidadda looks like,

social networking site bigadda shut down and replaced by bigadda shop

To many the news that Reliance shut down its social networking site might sound strange, even sad, but for the experts of the online world, this comes across as a wise move.

  1. Competition in Social Network

    Closing of BigAdda is inevitable amid stiff competition in the social media market. Facebook practically rules the social network scenario today. With another behemoth Google launching its own version of the popular social network, the days of BigAdda were numbered. The recent launch of the Google+ project only proves that Reliance chose to step out of the ring just in time. BigAdda, even as a regional social network wasn’t going to survive in a market which had seen the once popular Orkut drop down to a derelict ruin. With the reach and localization of its services and content, BigAdda shut down was but obvious.

  2. E-Commerce Venture

    Reliance had already put a lot of money into the BigAdda project. To let a name that had gained recognition, albeit limited and localized, go to waste wasn’t such a good investment decision. The idea to convert this Indian social network into an e-commerce outlet on the lines of eBay seemed a reasonable step which resulted in Reliance shutting down its social networking site BigAdda.

  3. The Intelligent Morphosis

    What Reliance has successfully achieved through BigAdda is to build upon their existing user base of around 6 lakh and translate a social network into an online shopping community. Members are still able to share pictures and posts but the landing page for now shifting to is an indication of the change in the nature of its operations.

With social networking site BigAdda shut down, its replaced by bigadda shop,

social networking site bigadda closed by reliance,altered to online shopping site

The idea of BigAdda shut down seems a good one, as it’s better to close a service that consumes more money than it makes. Though success or failure of the brand since BigAdda closed will only be told by time, but as of now, the once “MySpace of India” is all set to lock horns with a different breed of bulls.

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