Recuva: Recover your accidently deleted files

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Accidentally deleted an important file? Lost something important when your computer crashed? No problem! Recuva recovers files deleted from your Windows computer, Recycle Bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player. And it’s 100% free!

At some point or another all of us have deleted something we shouldn’t have deleted. Usually the solution is to simply restore the file from the Recycle Bin but what if you’ve already emptied the Recycle Bin? In that case, a file recovery program like Recuva can help.

Recuva is a free-for-the-download utility that recovers deleted files from virtually any disk Windows can read. That means it lets you restore lost files from your hard disk, which probably uses the NTFS file system, or the FAT and exFAT systems used on USB sticks and most storage cards and music players. Recuva is effortless to use, with an attractive interface that you can navigate easily even when you’re distracted by the fear that you’ve lost precious data for ever.

Steps to use:

1.Download Recuva. You can choose between Installer, Portable, PortableU3, or Slim.

2.When Recuva starts, you’re presented with a wizard where you choose what kind of file you’re looking for and where it was last located, neither of which you need to know but will help in the search for deleted files if you do.

3.Perform quick/deep scan as required.

4.After a quick scan, you’re presented with a list of recoverable files. Recovering one of the deleted files is as easy as selecting it and clicking Recover….

Important: I highly recommend you use the portable (not PortableU3) version of Recuva! You should use the portable version of Recuva because it’s important to avoid installing anything after discovering that you need to recover a file. You don’t actually have to put the portable version on a flash drive to use it.

At any time you can switch to Advanced Mode which reveals a number of options and additional sorting abilities.

If a file has gone missing, either from your mistake or even from a virus infection or system crash, I recommend you use the Recuva free file recovery program. There’s no guarantee that Recuva can successfully recovery any particular deleted file but most of the time it does its work perfectly.It’s certainly your best bet for freeware data recovery program!

Delete with Recuva
Recuva includes a useful feature that does the opposite of recovering a deleted fileā€”a feature that deletes the file securely enough to make it impossible for anything to recover it. The option menu lets you choose different kinds of secure deletion, ranging from single-pass overwriting, which is good enough to hide your file from anyone with access to your computer, to options that tell the program to overwrite the data three or seven times, which is more than enough to secure your data from the CBI,FBI or CIA šŸ˜› The program includes a 35-pass option, presumably to satisfy obsessive secret-keepers, ignoring the fact that even the inventor of the 35-pass option, Peter Guttman, says it’s a waste of time.


Remember:Ā A file recovery program can only recover a file deleted from your computer if the same space on the hard drive hasn’t already been used by another file. Every time something is saved or installed, the chance that your file will be recoverable decreases.

For any queries and help related to my tricks and tips or related to computer hardwares/softwares pleaseĀ comment on ourĀ Facebook pageĀ ;I will reply as soon as possible.

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