How to recover all lost blogs in 5 minutes

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You own a website. Its running fine and all of a sudden it went offline. All the data – articles, blogs, apps, everything is lost. What to do? How to recover the lost blogs and other data?

If you’re facing such a situation then take a deep breath as you can recover all the deleted blogs in minutes.

Google, yes that famous search engine would help us in achieving this. Let’s see how,

As you all know that Google index webpages before showing them in search results. It would have saved all your website contents – blogs as well. Now, all we need to do is to retrieve these lost blogs from Google’s database.

1. To do this, first search the blog(s) that you want to recover. For a blog titled ‘Why brands need mobile version of their website’ on website, enter search query as ‘mobile websites yourravi’. You would see the required result at the top.

2. Now move cursor over the empty space against the weblink. You should see >> button. By default, its hidden and’ll show up when you move mouse over it.

recover lost blogs and articles-1

3. Click on the ‘Cached’ link you see. Onclick you’ll see the cached version of the blog that’s indexed in Google’s database.

recover deleted blogs and articles

4. Now all you have to do is copy the title, content and built a new blog post. You can retrieve all other blogs/articles in the similar manner.

copy cache text and recover all deleted articles of website-4

click to expand

5. You can also get the keywords and description of the blog that you previously added by seeing its HTML code. Here is the way of doing this,

retrieve lost articles

get keywords and description of deleted blogs

click to expand

By the same process, you can recover almost all text data that’s lost either due to server issues or accidental deletion. But make sure you do this before ~90days as Google deletes the indexed data if it don’t finds it in the next crawl.

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