Receive more WIFI signals on laptop using aluminum foil/beer can

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Is your neighbors receiving more signals than you. Is you downloads taking more time and browsing has become gruesome? If yes, then stay back, cross your legs and read on as we’ll tell you an easy way of caturing more WIFI singnals for hassle-free and faster web browsing.

WIFI signals are thrown from the tower/source to the area where it’s be received by computers to use. Computers receiving maximum signals provide faster internet browsing and download speed.

By installing external antennas and repeaters, signal strength can be increased. But these options are unusable in some cases as they are not free. A hosteler living in some college won’t invest money on something that is required for a few month or year.

There is a free of cost solution. And this is to make a system to collect WIFI signals from a broader range and converge onto the laptop’s antenna.

1. By wrapping aluminum foil over the antenna in the shape of funnel, we can converge good amount of signals onto the antenna.

2. Also, the same thing can be done using a beer/coke can.

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