6 reasons why Samsung is biggest smartphone seller, above Apple and Nokia

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I don’t know why but I’m still a big fan of Nokia smartphones. They were with me during my school and college days, and even now I’ve got one Nokia N95 with me. Probably it has something to do with the fact that Indians inherently love the Nokia brand, no matter what they serve and at what price.

But I must admit that Nokia lost its market badly and Samsung rightly deserves the top spot in the smartphone ladder.

By the end of 2011, it overtook Nokia as the biggest smartphone seller in the world. Now Apple stands at second and Nokia dropped directly from top to the third spot. I tried to look after the reasons why Samsung made such a giant stride in smartphone sector.

samsung is biggest smartphone seller in the world

After deep research, I found out some facts that are enough to convince me why Samsung is at the top.

  1. Samsung is basically an electronics company based in South Korea. They build electronic parts of smartphones and LCDs. Thus they are available to them at absolutely no cost. On the other hand, Apple and Nokia have to export these items by purchasing at comparatively higher prices. This ultimately results in higher prices of Apple and Nokia smartphones as compared to Samsung.
  2. Samsung targets middle-upper class of Asian and African people. This is great idea as people are no longer interested in buying low-cost mobiles. Rather they’re willing to spend slightly higher to pocket a smartphone that they can show to friends and roam around with positive vibes inside. Nokia initially hit the same jackpot in late 2000s when it targeted the middle class people. But lately they failed to keep the same momentum and hence lost its rank to Samsung. Price of iPhone is beyond the range of many, thus buyers are few in most Asian and African countries.
  3. It has a big market in countries like India, Brazil and China. Being an Asian country, Samsung has a good hold on Asian market, most importantly of China and India. Samsung challenged Nokia in these two markets and successfully churned its market share. Apple is a big hit in US and other western countries but is entirely invisible from China and Indian market. Low sales in these big market kept Apple at second place below Samsung.
  4. Samsung provides just the right features. Most Sasmsung phones come with fast processors. A Nokia N8 or a N95 that cost around 17000INR has almost half the speed of Samsung Galaxy series smartphones that starts at just Rs 8000. Most Samsung phones support upto 3.5G which is enough for most countries. There is no need to scale it upto 4G when not many users have access to 4G. Moreover, all Samsung smartphone comes with WiFi, Bluetooth and many other features that common people use. Though, Nokia smartphones have a better image quality and sound when compared to Sasmsung. But not many buyers check if the camera lens is of Carl Zeiss or speakers are of Bose (which costs more). For most buyers, 5Mp of both brands are still the same. Nobody digg into finer details.
  5. The Android factor. Most No_kia phones are using the decade old dead Symbian OS. Lately, Nokia announced its new OS for smartphones to be the Windows Phone OS. But one can’t deny the advantage that an Android has over other smartphone OS. Android is fast, easy to use, bug-free, and provides lots of free apps to download and use. For most buyers, Android tag is enough to opt for Samsung smartphones no matter they download apps or not.
  6. The cost. Apple is costly, Nokia is averagely priced but Samsung smartphones are worth of their price. You can pick any Samsung smartphone from the market but you’ll never say that the cost isn’t standing parellel to its configuration. Its configuration and price is just right to convince 9/10 users to go for it. Samsung’s smartphone provides right features at the right price.
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