Reasons why Orkut lost market to Facebook in India

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You must have tried your hands on Orkut, the first social networking site developed by Google. Earlier, the craze of Orkut was on everyone and they had been using all day and night, mainly in Brazil and India.

Since 2007, Orkut saw a sharp drop in users mainly because of Facebook.

Let’s have a look at why people lost interest in Orkut and linked to Facebook,

  1. Facebook engages people with a large number of apps and services. It attracts individuals, companies and all in between. On the contrary, Orkut is mainly for peer to peer communication and has nothing addictive.
  2. Facebook amassed 750million+ users, 7% from India and the entire structure is addictive. You can see a whole lot of options – friends updates, chat, group discussions, thousands of awesome apps, ad posting, business marketing and many more. Orkut didn’t had the potential to bring back the users everyday, again and again like Facebook.
  3. From the privacy point of view, Facebook is more protective as you have options to customize virtually each and everything. With the customized privacy settings, you can ensure that your profile will only be visible to people you want. Orkut lacks this privacy feature and is one of the prime reasons why Orkut lost market in India.
  4. Orkut is limited userbase; people except from India and Brazil are hardly found over this site. So, if you want to meet up with US or Middle East people, you can’t. So, in this regard, Facebook is really far better option to choose on and that’s why we see a shedding interest of Indian users in Orkut.
  5. The structure of Orkut is not well equipped to cater spams, Facebook tries to reduce spam as much as possible taking proper measures. You would find less number of false profiles and abusive content in Facebook when compared with Orkut.
  6. In Facebook, the system won’t allow any stranger to send you friend request, or no stranger can approach you anyway. But Orkut was simply not safe from this point of view.
  7. Moreover, it can be said that many of Facebook features are being followed or copied by Orkut (updated version). So, this act simply clears about the leadership of Facebook over Orkut.
  8. There are various amazing features apart from chatting or messaging; these features make it an awesome social site where you can hang on for long hours. Orkut has limited features; it failed to evolve and meet the changing need of netizens.

And probably the biggest problem is with the approach, Google is primarily a search engine and its business revolve around it only. Facebook, on the contrary is a social networking site with all cylinders fired solely for connecting each and every entity on internet.

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