Reasons for Slow Computer Performance

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Slow Computers performance is something that annoys everyone. With time, computer performance gradually slows down but a good care and regular maintenance can easily keep the performance upbeat for a long long time. There are many activities that could well be the reason for degraded computer performance and cause them an irreversible damage. Some of the main reasons are,

  1. Untrusted Software and Spyware (or Keylogger)

    Local softwares and spywares must not be installed on a system. They directly interact with the Operating System and could generate unnecessary interrupts and hinder system normal activity. Due to their accessibility to system files they often corrupts them or even crash the system.

  2. Antivirus

    Antivirus are unexpected entry in this list as they are supposed to keep system safe. Antivirus sometimes deletes the infected file of OS thus popping out problems in the system. Moreover, heavier antivirus like Norton can result in slow computer performance.

  3. Heavy Games and Software

    Heavy games and softwares slow down the system performance. Extensive loading of files and graphics with limited RAM and slower processor can cause severe damage the system. Such heavy programs must be avoided till a system is well equipped with good RAM and graphics driver.

  4. Infected USB Flash Drives

    USB Flash drives are usually the best path for virus to gain entry to a system. Often USB’s are processed without scanning. It is a basic mistake and can result your system to freeze or crash.

  5. System Overheating

    System overheating is one of the most fatal problem for a system. Most system shut down while temperature exceeds a certain mark. Overheating may result in damages to motherboard/chipset, wires and other internal parts.

  6. P0rn0graphic Websites

    Everybody know about this yet we are helless. It is the most famous and ‘known to all’ reasons for slow computer performance. Such sites are hosted on low cost servers and have fatal viruses. It can make system corrupt, hang or shutdown in seconds.

  7. Batch files and command line argument

    Batch files are the most common file of an OS. They are capable of doing any task and run directly in Command Prompt. Any coding error can crash a system in a blink of an eye.

  8. Cache accumulation

    Websites mainly social media sites stores a huge amount of cache in the form of cookies and urls in the system. It an unknown yet a big reason for slower system performance. Such cache accumulation gradually increases with time and thus need to be deleted on regular basis.

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