Is it really important to Safely remove pen drive?

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We don’t care what the big guys says, and that’s to remove external devices like pen drive only after using ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ option in windows.

Is it really necessary, or is just a conventional idea of no relevance.

Different people have different perspective on this. Most say, they have been plucking pen drives directly for years but nothing happened to their system or pen drive till now. Even Windows tells the same thing but its misleading in some ways.

This is what Windows Policy say about ejecting pen drive,

1. Goto ‘Device Manager’.

compulsory to use safely remove hardware option

2. Check property of Pen Drive plugged in the computer.

important to use safely remove hardware option for pen drive

3. Carefully see the image below to know what Windows policy states in this regard.

important to remove pen drive after safely remove hardware option

As the image above says, taking out pen drive directly is fine. And use of ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ is mandatory only if ‘write caching’ is enabled. The first message is misleading while second one is correct.

Ejecting pen drive directly is okay in most cases when none of its data is in use.

But there are problems when a pen drive is plucked while some process is executing, say a video playing directly from pen drive or files copying to pen drive. In such cases, there are every chances of file getting corrupted.

When write caching is enabled, the data transferred to and fro from the pen drive is first cached and then written. So if its not ejected properly then there are greater chances of data corruption.

The best practice is always to use Safely Remove Hardware icon before plugging out the pen drive or any external hardware device.

This advice works on Linux as well as on Mac OS, not just on Windows. If using Linux, use the Eject option in file manager before unplugging USB devices.

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