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If you’re bored of waiting for your Analytics report and wanna monitor it in real-time, then Google has just added the right service for you.

Now, you can easily trace number of visitors, their location, traffic sources and much more, all in real-time.

In Google Analytics, real-time stats allow webmasters to see visitor activity as it happens on the website. Each and every activity is tracked, analysed and displayed with a GUI for easy interception.

All this happens in real-time with continuous updation of stats, per minute, per second.

Stats showed with real-time analytics

With Google Analytics real-time, you can

  1. see how many people are on your site at a point of time,
  2. geographic locations of visitors,
  3. traffic sources that referred them: organic, unorganic, social media or other,
  4. pages they’re currently viewing.

Real-Time option is available in all Google Analytics accounts with no changes in the tracking code. You can see real-time traffic updates for website in your Google Analytics Dashboard.

More benefits of Google Analytics real-time update

Many more things can be monitored with real-time updates of Google Analytics. You can,

  1. see stats of a newly added page.
  2. see if promotions through social media ads is driving traffic or not.
  3. monitor if immediate traffic through social media websites is good or not.
  4. know if one day promotion through adsense ads is effective or not.
  5. check if tracking code is working or not.’s real-time traffic stats at 4:45am

I checked my Analytics account this morning and here are snapshots of what I saw in real-time traffic stats of my website,

Number of Visitors: 03

visitors at a point of time in google analytics

Location of Visitors: US (Arizona), Indian (New Delhi, Haridwar)

real time location details with google analytics

Active Pages with sources: 03

active pages in real time with google analytics

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