How to reach Customer Care for Aakash tablet?

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customer care related complaints against aakash tabletIn previous blog, we highlighted some common problems faced by Aakash tablet buyers which got huge response. People shared their problems like unavailability of customer care centers and unresponsive toll free numbers for queries and we tried to help them out in the best possible manner.

We’re in touch with some Aakash tablet insiders to give you under the hood information.

Here is what you can do if you’re really unhappy with after-sale service of Aakash tablet,

Use your RTI power: Ask HRD ministry

Aakash tablets are sponsored by (Human Resource Development) HRD ministry of Indian Government. You can use your ‘Right to Information’ power to write and ask them why there is no established of proper customer care service for the tablet users. This is not all, you should also ask for the the reason why Government sponsored the product when proper measures are not in place to quench the consumer problems and there are more then enough questions on the credibility of the manufacturers.

Toll-free numbers and customer care numbers on the tablet manual are usually not reachable. If reached, they are often busy, and if somehow, luckily, one connects then the response isn’t satisfactory. Consumers go bizarre calling them again and again only to see their effort go in vain, no one is there to listen their problems.

Consumer forums/court: File complaint

Don’t spend a second to go the harder way if you’re not getting any response from the Aakash customer care officials.

And why not, if you’re paying Rs 3000 to purchase an Aakash tablet then being a consumer you have every right to file complaint against the poor service. Like every company, the tablet manufacturer promises you to provide proper after-sale service, but if it doesn’t, then you can deal with it in any manner you want, soft or the harder way.

I’ve pin-point details on the tablet availability and distribution, but even then I couldn’t find a single location of Aakash customer care center and ‘ve never seen a single comment applauding the work of customer care officials, or thanking the manufacturer for replacing a problematic tablet. It’s mostly a sorry tale of people spanking the tablet and its manufacturer.

Buying a tablet below 3k can be seductive to many but it’s unworthy if the tablet dies in a day or two, or a week. Proper consumer support needs to be there in place.

One can figure out the actual number of problems when yourRavi received more than 200 complaints in its comments and consumer forums. Only a small share of tablets has been distributed till date, and out of them we have more than 200 complaints which is surely the correct way to proceed if its tagged as ‘students tablet’.

If you’re facing the same, reach us via our Facebook page as we give you the ways to deal with poor customer care service in soft as well as the harder way.

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