Rainmeter: Ultimate personalized desktop customization

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Are you bored from your desktop looks? Want to have all system information in great looking gadgets without heavy resource usage? Want to have great features and looks for your desktop without changing your OS? Then Rainmeter is the ultimate desktop customization tool for you.

click image to enlarge

Rainmeter can do anything for you from desktop customizations to utilities for useful information like : e-mail, weather, RSS feeds, disk info,system usage,date,time,USB and much more right on the desktop.Its the best desktop customization tool and its 100% free to use.

Fortunately,we need not to get technical for using rainmeter- there is an active community of users and developers who develops and upload new skin daily.

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Just follow following steps to revamp your PC desktop looks:

1.Download rainmeter from http://rainmeter.net/cms/

2.Install with downloaded installer. Default skin will appear with restart.

3.To change skin/gadgets -right click the one you want to change and un-check  the skin-name.ini as shown.

4.For downloading and applying new skins visit: Deveiantart.com

5.Instal if its .rmskin file or if its zip/rar compressed file extract it to your documents Rainmeter skin library (C:\Users\your name\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins).

6.Go to rainmeter tray icon on your desktop taskbar click the icon.

click image to enlarge

7.Click ‘Refresh all’. Now select skin folder and then skin.ini file to load/unload.

8.Skin will load on the top left corner of your desktop,you can easily drag the skin to your preferred  position on the desktop.

You can also backup your skins collection and settings so that you can install all your previous skin with just one click 🙂

I hope it will help you to make your desktop more amazing and interactive.

You can also edit and change ‘skin.ini’ file to work properly and change preferences as per your wish.

Here are few links recommended by me for some good rainmeter skins and themes:

Theme 1

Theme 2

Theme 3

Theme 4

Theme 5

Theme 6

For any queries and help related to my tricks and tips or related to computer hardwares/softwares please comment on our Facebook page ;I will reply as soon as possible.

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