Quickly Find The Duplicate Images To Remove Clutter From Your System With VisiPics

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Suppose you created a neat digital picture library and want to maintain it for years. But generally its not possible because with time you will observe that though you tried your best to maintain your pictures clutter free and without any duplicates, they do happen.

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Today I’ll tell you about a software called VisiPics which can easily scan your hard disk for duplicate images and delete them as per your choice. Locating duplicate images is a tricky job but VisiPics makes it possible for you with just few clicks. The current version of this software was released on 2008 but still it works perfectly fine on Windows 7 along with older Windows versions. VisiPics does more than just look for identical files, it goes beyond checksums to look for similar pictures and does it all with a simple user interface.


  1. Download and install the software from link given below.
  2. Click the loader tab and select the size of images you want to compare.
  3. Configure the filter tab to define your ‘duplicate image’ meaning for VisiPics to search them.
  4. Configure the program to search for specific location of your hard disk.
  5. Click ‘start’ and VisiPics will present you with defined duplicate images.

You can select manually to remove duplicate images or let VisiPics to do this job automatically for you. You may face some problem with program documentation and options but it won’t trouble you for long time.


  • VisiPics is 100% free software.
  • Uses Hyperthreading and Multi-processors systems
  • Highly efficient results with adjustable similarity levels
  • Easy to use Interface, preview your duplicates easily and pick the ones to delete with a simple click
  • Starts to display the results while scanning, you don’t have to wait to delete your duplicates
  • Smart Auto-Select mode, to save time while deleting pictures
  • Extremly fast compared to most commercial software-Tested on a 100.000 pictures 15Gb archive, full results in 3 hours only

Final Verdict: VisiPics is a fast and tiny software to resolve duplicate image file problems, but I would recommend you to create a backup or try this tool with small collection of pics to understand its options better before going for a final task.

Download: VisiPics (1.89MB only)

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