How to prevent unwanted tagging in Facebook

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In Facebook, tagging friends with image is a great way of connecting and asking them for likes and comments.

The feature is great but there may be times when you don’t want to be tagged with some images. Keeping control over tagging is very important as someone might tag you with inappropriate or abusive images to dent your reputation.

Unwanted tagging in Facebook is not a new thing and this often seen as a fine way of abusing people, especially girls.

In this blog we’ll show you multiple ways to get rid of this irritating problem. Preventing unwanted tagging in images is quite simple and anybody can do it in a few seconds.

Simple steps to prevent unwanted tagging

Here is the basic way to customize tagging setting for your Facebook account,

  1. First go to your Facebook profile and click down-arrow at the top-right side of the topmost menu bar.

    A drop-down list opens up, click “Privacy Settings”.

    select privacy setting to remove unwanted tagging


  2. Now you’ll see “How Tags Work” option, click “edit settings” in front of it.

    how tags work, to prevent unwanted tagging


  3. A box pops-up, here you can customize your tagging settings. You can set whether you want your friends to tag you, or if you want to disallow tagging by an stranger or any other custom settings.

    Once finished, click done to activate.

    customize tagging settings to control tagging with image


If you are using Timeline feature of Facebook, then you must choose “Review off”. Keep in mind that this setting will allow your friends to tag your pictures automatically. But if strangers are also tagging your pictures, they will require your permission to tag you in.

May I remove a tag on Facebook?

Yes, you can remove any tag on Facebook if you do not like. Un-tagging is quite simple.

If you are tagged in an image which you do not like, there is “Report/Remove Tag” option. Simply click the option and get rid of that tagging.

remove tagging from an image in facebook copy

Similarly, if you’re tagged in any posts that you don’t like, there is “Remove Tag” under the post. Click the option to remove the tagging.

Remember, even after untagging or removing you from post or photos, they are still visible on Facebook unless they are removed by the person who posted them.

Other ways of getting rid of tagging

  1. If you incapable/don’t know how to remove your tag from image(s) then its better to ask the owner to remove it or take it down. Simply, send him or her message requesting to remove the content you do not like.
  2. Te other good option of preventing unwanted tagging is by blocking the person who tagged you. After blocking that person, he or she will not be able to continue tagging.

    In addition to this, once he/she’s blocked, all tags will automatically be removed from previous images.

  3. The other, but a lengthy and less useful way of preventing unwanted tagging is reporting Facebook regarding the problem, if the content is abusing, harassing or harmful.

These are the simple ways which can surely help you.

But, while blocking the person, make sure you will not be able to contact him, search the profile and send any message in future.

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