How to prevent Facebook friends from viewing your online activity

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You spend your entire day on Facebook posting updates, chatting with friends, using apps and doing lot more things. While you’re logged-on Facebook, you browse internet as well -searching stuff on Google, reading blogs on sites, watching videos etc.

What if, all your browsing activity – watched videos, read blogs/news are shown to your Facebook friends through an update. There can be embarrassing situations when your friends know of something that shouldn’t be publicly visible. Such occurrences are common with netizens.


If you’re still wondering how this happens then read-on as we’ll tell you about stopping such surprises from happening to you.

This all happens due to the apps you use. If you use HindustanTimes app then the app can post link of the article you read as status update. Such apps has permission(provided by user only) to post update on user behalf.

Similarly, an app for MetaCafe and YouTube can publish your viewed video as status update. The video could be a normal one or a questionable one that should always be private to you only.

To stop such apps from publishing your online activity, we have to remove it. Here are the steps to remove an app,

1. Login to Facebook and go to your Facebook’s Account Settings.

prevent facebook friends from viewing internet activity

2. Click ‘Apps’ to see all apps the you ever used.

prevent facebook friends to see your online activity

3. Now click on the app you want to remove, and click on ‘Remove app’ link.

hide online activity from facebook friends

click to expand

4. Click ‘Remove’ when prompt appears.

remove facebook app to prevent facebook friends from seeing online activity

By doing so, we’ll cut all connections from the app and they no longer can publish your activity on their website. In the same way, remove all unwanted apps.

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