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Failed recharge is a common problem while using online recharge service.

Sometimes payment is deducted while mobile isn’t recharged. Other times, transaction gets successful (payment deducted too) but recharge fails. As this is all done by an automated system, so glitches are bound to happen. But you can’t rely on the website to make corrections, you have to tell them of the problem by posting a query to their consumer support officials.

Here are the steps to follow when a recharge fails in,

  1. Login to your account and reach rechargeitnow’s consumer support page.
  2. Choose the first option (Failed Recharge) in drop down list you see. Once you choose the option, some more options would appear.

    failed recharge query in rechargeitnow for consumer support

  3. Enter your name, mobile number, amount, email-id, date of transaction, type of problem and CAPTCHA text. These are most important, and mandatory as well. Leave other options unfilled. In ‘Type of Problem’, choose your problem or choose others, if unsure. Finally click ‘Submit’.
  4. On submission, you’ll see a confirmation for your posted query. Also, an email notification will be sent to you.

    confirmation for posting failed recharge query on rechargeitnow

  5. Your query would take 1-2 days to process. Once its resolved, either your number would be recharged or money would be credited back to your account. You’ll be notified of this via email.

If a query isn’t resolved within 8 days, you can escalate it. 95% cases are resolved on time, escalation is rarity. is good in service.

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