Try Maki App: A Web Design Mockup Tool

If you’ve ever designed a website on your own, you know very well how irritating it is when a new version of your design fails to sit pretty with your existing template. Enter Maki app, a great web design mockup tool to let you view a mockup of your new page as an overlay to your existent material.

How does Maki App work?

Using Maki app you can create a new page and upload the image to the Maki server. Then you can view the image as a semitransparent over the current website to check for the proper placement of elements and content. Maki does not actually upload your changes to your domain but simply creates a mockup using images of your new site to let you verify for errors in your design.

Maki app is free and simple to use

Maki app is free to use. You just need to visit the official website of Maki app and drag the bookmarklet into the bookmark toolbar of your browser. After that you need to navigate to your website and click the bookmark. The app redirects you to a version of your website that shows the Maki app toolbar on the top. From here you can upload your new template and set the transparency of the image to view it as an overlay and identify discrepancies.

Dynamically Change and Check

With Maki app, once you’ve spotted what is wrong, you can make the required changes to your new CSS file for the website. After saving the file all you need to do is reload the page to check if your new page has all the elements in its proper place. You do not need to repeat the process all over again, and all you need to do is save and reload for any number of changes to take effect in your mockup.

Armed with this amazing mockup tool you can make sure that your design process is simplified. With Maki app available for the iPhone too, you can check your designs on the move. Though, in nappy days but Maki app is the undoubtedly one of the the best mockup tool on the internet today.

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Top Domain Registrars and Hosting Service Providers in India

Domain registration is an industry in India that has been growing steadily over time. With hundreds of new domain registrars who offer licensing and hosting services, an aspiring domain owner is spoilt for choice. However some services are better than others in terms of what they offer their customers. To get a measure of who’s who of the domain registration scenario in India, here’s a list of some of the top domain registrars and hosting providers in India.


    With over 2,700,000 domains registered, this is the biggest domain registrar in India. It is also one of the first Indian companies to venture into the domain registration and reselling business. This also makes it an old and trusted name. With over 65000 web hosts and over 4 million domain reselling partners, Resellerclub is easily at the top and undoubtedly the best domain registrar in India.

  2. NET4INDIA Ltd.

    At over 114,000 domains registered, NET4INDIA is probably the most famous domain registrars in India. This draws it to second spot in our list of top, best domain registrars in India. It caters to several big names from the business industry in India, both in the private sector and the public sector. With names such as SBI and Sahara in its clientele, NET4INDIA is easily one of the most trusted and well serving domain registrars in the subcontinent. It has its own domain hosting service as well.

  3. now BigRock

    Answerable was the third largest domain registrar and hosting provider in India. After being acquired by Directi owned brand BigRock it still maintains its sweet spot at number three with 56,785 domains registered under it, add to it BigRock solutions own pool of 12,820 domains, and you get a huge force to reckon with in the domain registration market. Number three on the list, Answerable/BigRock is one of the strongest potential leaders among the top domain registrars and hosting providers in India.


    In this top heavy list, holds its own as one of the popular domain registrars of India. Though its numbers can’t compete with the top big-shots of this market, it is still a very popular choice for small to medium scale businesses. They are in tough competition with BigRock, who is all set to overhaul the domain market rankings with its aggressive marketing strategy.


    Again short on the numbers, when compared to the leaders, Dfordomains is an ICANN accredited domain registrar based in Mumbai. With over 20,000 domains registered under it, it gives close competition to and hence is the fifth entrant among the top domain registrars and hosting provider in India.

  6. GoDaddy –

    With over 12 million customers and 55 million domains under management, GoDaddy is world’s largest domain name registrar and hosting service provider. When it comes to Indian market, GoDaddy has made its presence marked in past couple of years. With reliable hosting services, parked domain services, and of course easy and affordable domain registration services, GoDaddy is sure to go a long way

  7. ZNetLive

    Located in Gurgaon, Haryana, ZNetLive is probably one of the fastest growing domain registrars and web hosting company in India. Owing to affordable prices and reliable services, the company is rapidly increasing its customer base and may be soon match numbers with some of the big names mentioned in the list. With big names like Akai, MakeMyTrip, J K Cement, Himachal Pradesh Cooperative Department, and many more in its clientele list, ZNetLive is a name to lookout for in the future.


    While short in numbers when we compare it with the top names in our list, still the Noida based company is able to make a mark for itself within a decade of its inception in 2003. With more than 25k serving customers, it is increasing hundreds of new names to its clientele list on a daily basis.


    Hosting Raja is one of the fastest growing Indian company. Founded in 2006, it is one of the few Indian companies operating in many South Asian countries as well. In the long list of hosting companies, it is one company to lookout for.

  10. HostWay,in

    With 6 million customers worldwide, HostWay is a preferred company for small and medium businesses since 1998. With 100 million invested in network infrastructure and more than 400 employees, it holds a significant position when we talk about top domain registrar and hosting companies in India or worldwide.

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5 Video Blogging Software to Create Video Posts

Video Blogging or vlogging as it is commonly referred to as today, is increasingly becoming a great way to keep an online log of your thoughts and ideas, and to communicate them with the world. Video posts provide a great, unique way to connect with your readership. Good video blogging software can help you do this with ease and efficiency. When looking for video capture and editing software you are served up with several options. We provide you a list of such top 5 video blogging software to create video posts for YouTube and Metacafe.

  1. Camtasia

    camtasia-the-best-software-for-video-blogging-to create video posts

    This is probably the most extensive and feature rich software for creating video posts. It’s a great tool if your video blogs frequently need to discuss issues related to the internet or software. It has extensive video editing options and can save to virtually any recognized video file format. A great inclusion in this product is the ability to record on-screen activity and capture video through a webcam and to present it simultaneously. Though the effectiveness of this feature in terms of synchronizing the two can be debatable over different hardware configurations, it is surely a novel and useful way of video blogging. Good things come at a price and so does this video editing software; it costs almost $300.

  2. Sony Vegas Pro

    vegas-pro-by sony-to-make-video-for-blogging

    The only reason this video blogging software stands second on the list is because its features do not justify its exorbitant price. However that does not change the fact that it is the best software available for taking headshots through webcams. Priced high at $599 this comes with the reliability and trust of a known brand like Sony.

  3. AVS4YOU


    This is a great example of cost effective video editing software. It packs too much of a punch for its price. At under $60 for an unlimited subscription it offers a horde of features and standalone applications. The whole package comes in the form of a suite that packs in a lot more than just video blogging software and can also be downloaded from its website. This comes third only because it has no support or compatibility with Mac platforms.

  4. TipCam

    tipcam-for-video-blogging-and start video blogging

    Want to create a video post for free? Try TipCam, a free video software is one of the most useful free video editing applications available. Though the free version does not pack in many features, the video quality is consistent and good enough for most common purposes. What brings this to this list is its ability to save files in .flv format unlike other free video blogging software.

  5. Jing

    jing-to-make video-for blogging-yourravi

    Jing comes from the manufacturers of Camtasia, and hence is naturally a product loaded with features and qualities. This free software has more features than other video software available without cost. However it limits the recording duration to a painfully less 5 minutes.

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Express Love using Social Media Sites by YouTube videos, Facebook updates and Blogposts

Love has embraced us in many forms- father, mother, brother, sister, wife… and many more. In the hassle and tussle of life, they provide the much required peace of mind and help us enjoy life to the fullest. By expressing your love, relationship can be rejuvenated to keep it healthy and strong. In the era dominated by social media, expressing your love using social networking sites is a good option. It’s innovative, interactive and most importantly, cost effective.

using social networking sites to express love

We will discuss some innovative ways to let the world know of your ‘fever of love’.

  1. MetaCafe and YouTube Videos

    It’s the best way to express love, you can record video and post on YouTube and MetaCafe, all for free. It ensures a much wider audience in a very less time. A video can reach thousands of views in a week. Videos have greater appeal than display ads. You can also add videos in forums, blogs and websites to draw more audience.

  2. Facebook Sharing and Tweeting on Twitter

    Another way to express you feelings by sharing videos, greetings and images on Facebook. Let others to view and comment on it. You can also bombard twitter with your love story sliced into 140 word sentences. Social networking site like MySpace and Orkut offer you to send e-greetings and messages to your peer.

    innovative way of expressing love using twitter

  3. Blog Post on Social Media

    Writing a nice piece on your love life and experiences is a nice idea to try. Posting it to reddit, digg, or on your website can make it available for a reasonable size of audience. Blend some quotes, and satirical lines to make your love story appear much lively on social media platforms.

    express love using blogposts in social media websites

  4. Launching Campaigns, Communities and Groups

    Launch campaigns or create communities and groups can be an innovative way of expressing you love to near and dear ones. You can let people join and provide their useful inputs. Poking, asking questions, discussion can draw attention of most. Enjoying in group is fun, you know!

    social networking website facebook community to express love

  5. Updates and Status

    You can let others know of your feelings through Facebook updates or by headlining in chat status of Gmail, Yahoo and others. Moreover you can temporarily change your profile picture and profile details just to notify more and more people. Changing Twitter’s background image is also a good option to try to express love.

    gmail status to express love

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Reasons for YouTube video removal by Google

It is not uncommon for Google/YouTube to remove fan-made clips or other videos from their website. If you don’t want Google to remove of your video from YouTube here’s a brief take on the reasons which can cause your video’s takedown. There are four prime reasons because of which Google can remove your YouTube video immediately,

  1. Violation of Terms of Service

    At the time of creation of your account you are presented with a terms of service agreement, which most users (let’s face it) agree to without bothering to read. This agreement clearly states that the website reserves the rights to remove content that has nudity, graphic violence or obscene content in any form. A violation of any of these terms can lead you to get your YouTube video removed.

  2. Matching Content

    This phenomenon is also referred to as video plagiarism. The website notifies you on the My Videos page if your content ID matches the content posted by the copyright owner to that content. This system works by verify all new posted content against a database complied with snippets and bits from the content provided by the original copyright owners.

    If however you are sure that you own all the rights to that content, you can register a dispute through YouTube’s interface and get your content restored.

  3. Abusive Content

    Video containing abuse content against countries, caste, tribe and community can be removed from Youtube without notice. Google repeatedly review videos reported by viewers and take action if they found content too offensive. As a matter fact, despite best efforts of Google such abusive content exits on YouTube and that too in huge numbers. For the same reason, YouTube is banned in many Asian countries like China, Pakistan, Turkey, Thailand and Indonesia.

  4. A Notice by DCMA

    Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA) dictates that YouTube is granted a certain amount of leniency with copyright infringement laws in return for its commitment to serve a takedown notice and remove the relevant material from its website if notified by the copyright holders. Repeated violators of the copyright law can get their accounts frozen and be permanently banned from the website.

    Creativity is a gift and everyone must learn to respect that. Make sure that you credit the original owners of the copyright if you ever use your material in your videos. A few steps like these can prevent your video from being removed by YouTube.

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Difference between CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA in Objective, Tagline and Security

CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA are developed to protect websites from machine generated attacks called bots. There is practically no difference between CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA. Their sole objective is to ensure that machine don’t use what is meant for human – like posting comments, registration to a website etc. The difference lies in objective, working behind the scene and security.

  1. Reduce human workload

    The biggest objective behind the development of reCAPTCHA is to reduce workload of human and make the system entirely automated. Previously, CAPCHTA image texts available to websites were written by humans. This human written text is then distorted by adding whirls, warps and meshes to make sure no machine reads it. About 200 millions CAPTCHAs are written each day which consumes 150,000 hours. Hell lot of time I would say!

  2. Stop Spam, Read Books

    In reCAPTCHA, all the texts are taken from the old editions of The New York Times and Google books which are not readable to OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Words that aren’t recognized by character recognition software were distorted slightly and converted to CAPTCHAs. These texts are showed in CAPTCHA/reCAPTCHA block to users to decipher. That’s why tagline of reCAPTCHAS says ‘Stop Spam, Read Books’.

  3. Stronger security than CAPTCHA

    The other difference between CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA lies in the security. CAPTCHAs are vulnerable to hacks either by removing background clutter and noise or by identifying the character in each region. When spammers tested the same techniques against images created using reCAPTCHA – they failed completely. There was huge difference in the Mathematical transformation in CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA texts. We can’t say that reCAPTCHAs are unbeatable but the success rate is as low as 10%.

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Efficient Marketing strategy for blogs to increase visitors

Lack of efficient marketing strategy can prevent your blogs from appearing among the top search results. This is the worst thing that could happen to your website. Moreover, if you’re not a regular blog poster, a blog can take 5-10 days to index by search engines and even then you’re not sure of its success. However, there are certain ways that can work as efficient marketing strategy in improving your blog performance and draw visitors as soon as a blog is published. It can help you getting backlinks from higher ranked sites to increase website pagerank and provides a fast and better indexing by search engines.

Blog updates to search engines and bookmarking sites

  1. Social Media Buttons

    Sharing on social networking sites like twitter and Facebook is an easy way to share your latest blogs with the world. All your followers and friends are notified of the update. Promote your followers and friends to tweet and like your blogs which can further increase the range of audience for you.

    For using social media buttons you just need to copy and paste snippets provided by social networking sites. Some of the social media sites providing this service include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, digg, reddit.

  2. Ping-O-Matic

    Ping-O-Matic is a service to update different search engines and directories of an update to your website. You need to enter the topic and the url of the blog. It then pings each and every search engine and directory websites like Google Blog search, Blogdigger, Blogstreet, WebLogs etc. They regularly checks downstream services to make sure submitted links are still functional. Ping-O-matic can be a mine for providing you backlinks from websites of your niche. Blogging platforms like WordPress, Drupal have in-built system that uses Ping-O-Matic for marketing user blogs as soon as it’s published.

  3. Social Bookmarking

    This is an innovative marketing strategy wherein blogs (webpages) are submitted to social bookmarking and social news sites like Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, It is a powerful way of promoting a website or blog. Within 15 minutes blogs are submitted to almost 50 of the top social bookmarking sites to tremendously increase visitors to your site. For blog submission you just need to enter the title, link of the blog. You can also add some extra information about the blogs that readers could read. Try social bookmarking here.

  4. Sitemap Submission

    This is one of the ‘evergreen’ and the most powerful marketing strategy for blogs. Sitemap submission is generally done by webmasters to search engines for efficient indexing of webpages. However it is not must to submit a sitemap but it becomes a necessity when you want to keep track of your indexed pages/blogs in search engine database or when crawler fails to detect the webpages due to wrong coding or any other problems. Sitemap ensures that no pages are missed by search engine crawlers. You can create your sitemaps and submit to all search engines.

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Facebook, Google and Future of Online Marketing for Business Promotion

If you are wondering why these days, you are not getting as many calls for product orders from your customers?  And, why the supposedly luring advertisements of your brand in the top-selling magazines don’t seem to make the same impact they used to make before, you need to know this thing that the marketing techniques for business are changing.

facebook,google and future of online marketing

It seems that a lot of things related to online marketing have changed so much in the last ten years. It’s a whole new scenario in the marketing world, nowadays. Gone are the days when paper-marketing used to lure customers into the brands and products. Gone are also the days when magazines and newspapers used to rule the marketing world. It’s all gone digital these days. We have digital magazines, digital newspapers, and on top of all, the social sites like facebook are on the minds of everyone.

Advertising through magazines and newspapers has become less effective but “cost effective” too as compared to online marketing, nowadays. It’s so costly to place an advertisement in a magazine or a newspaper in comparison to the online marketing platforms. And, that is why; most of the companies have veered into the direction of internet for the advertising. The means of communication have changed a lot nowadays.

Facebook and marketing

There are a number of social networking sites, and almost everyone can be seen to be having an account on facebook, myspace or any of thousands of them out there. With the social sites bandwagon screaming loud, many people are joining the social websites like the facebook and with that, these sites have also become the marketing hub for various companies.

online marketing for business using facebook

Facebook has become one of the most popular social sites currently. And with the help of this website, so easily, you can have a wider range of viewers for your products. Facebook provides various tools so that you can customize your company’s pages so. The tools which facebook provides can help you attract and convince the people towards your products and services from different regions and places. However, you want to keep yourself up-to-date with the current marketing methods before entering into the world of online marketing.

When you get your company’s page on facebook, you can make friends too for your own treasure. Adding more and more friends widens your web of your connections and your friends will help you to promote your products and your business.

When you are on facebook, you don’t want to turn and try to get as many connections and friends as possible. Facebook is all about networking and more networks of your business mean more customers and more profit.

One powerful way to attract customers to your company’s page or the account is to generate beautiful applications and games to your page. With these applications, more people will be attracted and will see your page. You can get the link to your facebook’s page on the other sites too, so they can either “like” your page or can see them.

Google dependence

Among the big leaders in the marketing world, one is our highly personalized, personal favorite search engine Google. Google posses about 90% of the market share of the UK market. Even though there are various search engines like the Bing or Yahoo which can affect the rankings of websites, still most of the companies don’t even care about the traffic stats of these sites.

using google ads for online marketing for business

Most of the businesses are entirely dependent on the Google instead of distributing their budgets of marketing in many other, independent service providing companies. Absolute Google dependence is not a smart idea because in case Google penalized your business right away then your company may go back to 11th page instead of the first page in a moment. Its better use the services offered by other vendors also like the Bing and yahoo.

The future of online marketing is actually extremely encouraging and bright. The online marketing world is expanding and growing remarkably fast. It is believed that by the end of the year 2011, most of the phones used by the US viewers will be replaced by the smart phones, and the broadband is also increasing at a considerable rate every year. The advantages of online marketing are essentially the facility and pocket-friendliness, so the market is bound to be ever-growing for the companies.

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10 Websites for the Stock Market Update You Need

Various websites listed below which not only give information and updates of local markets but global stock market updates and their indices as well.

Cnbc: This has always been the leading name in the world of stock exchange news and updates. The website in cnbc .com and the link to the website is

Yahoo finance: Yahoo finance is one of the world’s leading source of latest stock market updates and news. You want it; you will get it on the website. The link is

Marketwatch: This is the child of Dow Jones & company and reads the pulse of global markets for active investors across the globe. The link for the website is

Nyse: Concentrating on the New York Stock Exchange? Then the official website of the same is the one and the only thing you need for market updates. The link is

Wall street journal: For decades, this has been the favourite of smart investors across the globe for tips as well as updates on the stock exchange. The link is

CNN: This is one of the world’s most famous news agency and among the top trusted companies of the world. The website for this is and the link to the website is

Bloomberg: This is a big name in business and financial news. All the updates you need can be found on the website

Reuters: Thomson Reuters is the world’s leading name as the place for intelligent information. You can get all the information that you need about the recent developments of global stock markets. The link is

123jump: You get all the indices of global stock exchanges side by side in real time on this website. The link to it is Just like the last entry, this website offers real time market updates at your screen so you can make the most of you investment. The link is

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Security threats of Cloud Computing based servers

Would you like losing direct control over systems carrying your important data? Cloud Computing is undoubtedly a technology revolution providing amazing cloud services at a reduced cost. Cloud server hosts very low sensitive personal and critical business information and threat to such data is enough to take your breath away. Before you think of shifting your data to a cloud system, do check some security threats of Cloud Computing based servers.

  1. Attack from anonymous Cloud Server users

    Service providers offer ready to use cloud services both free as well as paid. By paying a small amount ‘anyone’ can register and use cloud services. Hackers often register and plant malicious codes and viruses, anonymously. Cyber attackers use new technologies for launching dynamic attack points, CAPTCHA solving farms, password, key cracking and more. Many Cloud Service providers are known to host botnets and/or their command and control centres, downloads for exploits, Trojans etc. Such adulteration of malicious code with genuine and good data can be very dangerous and pose serious security threat to user cloud data.

  2. Technology Issues with Cloud Server

    There are flaws in cloud based servers that may allow inappropriate level of interaction with other systems. Cloud service providers often provide low quality and cheap services to reduce the overall cost. Data can be manipulated if the components on which this infrastructure is based were not designed for that. It’s just like using a weak tyre in your new car!

  3. Security Attacks: Malicious codes and Account Hijacking

    Malicious codes, virus and malwares are planted to cloud server by users. This code can easily infect others account due to low level of compartmentalization in several low cost cloud servers. Moreover accounts can be easily hijacked with a credible phishing site or a good social engineering approach, and the control of your account change hands. The attacker can gather information, alter data and can redirect your clients to illegitimate sites.

  4. Lack of Transparency: Insecurity and loss of trust among cloud users

    Cloud Service providers don’t provide transparency; they don’t reveal how they manage the user’s cloud data, how they grant access to assets or how they monitor them. Moreover, their process of recruitment and hiring new employees is unknown to others. Transparency is, in this case, vital to a secure cloud offering, along with compliance reporting and breach notification. Lack of transparency can be a major security threat of cloud computing as it results in insecurity among users.

  5. Insecure API’s: Authentication and Functional Process

    APIs or Application Program Interfaces are what customers use to interact with cloud services. API’s must have extremely secure authentication, access control, encryption and activity monitoring mechanisms – especially when third parties start to build on them. Insecure API can result in cyber attacks and illegitimate control over users accounts account by hackers. A similar flaw in Twitter API allowed third party apps to read tweets and profile details of users.

  6. Threat of Data Loss: Financial and Business implications

    It’s an another major security threat which could result in loss of user cloud data. Threat of data Loss seems to be the ‘worst nightmare you can ever imagine’. Server usually keep backups but -low cost servers might left you in revere with all data flushed out. Data loss can have severe impact on business, employees, partners and customer morale trust. It could have financial implication if you lose account details(personal and professional). Threat of data loss increases in cloud computing as you can lose data because of multiple reasons for which you are nonetheless accountable.

  7. Data theft and leakage: Confidential and Sensitive data loss

    In Cloud based system, resources are shared among cloud users. Due to any attack these data can easily be stolen or leaked into the hands of wrong doers. Most Cloud Service providers use low cost apps and technical features. This further increases the risk of data theft and leakage in cloud computing.

  8. Nation and State sponsored Spying: Confidential data theft

    Why a user would save data to a cloud server located in other country? With countries competing against each other, spying user’s cloud data is a very near possibility. Data containing confidential documents- related to security and nuclear projects can be read/steal by the country where Cloud server is located.

  9. Approach of Cloud Server Owners: Loss of Reliance

    In order to maximize profit, Cloud Server owners put low quality infrastructure in implementation. Low cost server can put cloud data in danger due to its limited efficiency and security. To reduce cost on manpower they hire relatively less experienced employees which are not equipped to check cloud computing security threats. Besides, flaws and vulnerabilities are often checked on temporary basis to keep the cost as minimum as possible. Such irresponsible behavior results in loss of data very important for the users.

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Meta keywords and Meta description do not improve Website Search Engine Performance

Most of you must be running a website and should be using Meta keywords and Meta description as well. They are considered important in improving website’s search engine performance.

But most of you might not know that search engines have stopped giving prominence to Meta keywords and Meta description. Reason? Some bloggers stuff keywords and keyphrases in their Meta tags (keyword and description) to target some specific, high performing keywords just to appear good in search engines results and catch more traffic.

This might result in poor quality blogs to appear high in search results while better quality blogs to linger somewhere at the bottom.

Most search engines like Yahoo and Bing don’t weigh Meta information from the very beginning and Google, since 2009, stopped considering Meta keywords and Meta description in search algorithm. Now search engines only consider the keyword rich, informative and original content.

However, Google does show meta description in search results but it plays no role Google algorithm for search.

So from now on, forget using these stuff and just concentrate on producing the best possible information to show good in Google results.

The most striking example is the HTML code for webpages developed by blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogspot which doesn’t use Meta keywords and Meta description yet good posts perform well in search results.

You can also read the blog by Google confirming the same thing: Google doesn’t uses Meta keyword and meta description in search engine results.

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