What Google says about Einstein?

Last night, I saw something very interesting in Google suggest results.

When I typed ‘Einstein is‘ in Google then it suggested me some queries that was difficult to believe.

Here is what I saw,

google suggest on einstein

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Difference between 3G and 4G technology for mobile phones

difference between 4g and 3g technology for mobile phonesThough we use these terms in daily life but when it comes to buying a 3G or 4G phone we get confused more often than not.

‘G’ stands for generation of mobile technology. First there was 1G for analog phones, then came 2G for digital phones and now we have 3G and 4G to our service. The two latter technologies are most mysterious ones.

Understanding the difference between 3G and 4G is the best way to decide which one is more suitable for you. Here are some key differences between the two,


Before the advent of 4G, 3G was considered to have provided the best speed because there was no other alternative, but 4G transmission speed is undoubtedly 5 times faster since 4G Technology does not depend on how the network has been implemented. 3G speed is amazing in GSM, but 4G offers 10 times faster speed on CDMA network, that is why it is getting popularity in India.

Transfer Rate

4G is also popular because of its transfer rate. It is ten times faster than 3G technology that makes people to switch from 3G to 4G. You can transfer your data in no time if your signals are strong. But this fast transfer rate is not possible on your 3G technology. For example, your computer network and third generation computer has the ability of transferring up to 2 megabits/second, which cannot be advanced or increased. 4G Technology with its advanced characteristics has the capability of transferring about 100 megabits/second. The rate of transfer data is the most specific difference between 3G and 4G technology.


As far as the network of the cell phone is concerned, cell phone users can enjoy data services and speech at the same time. Users can save their time while using multimedia and heavy games which takes longer time to download. 4G provides better internet connectivity and faster speed, which is not available in 3G. But, cell phone users in India might have to wait for a few months to feel the pulse of 4G technology.

Battery life

3G and 4G technologies differ in terms of battery they consume. This is a fact that when you download anything on your phone with 4G technology, it takes less time in comparison to 3G technology, but 4G uses most of the battery power. So make sure your battery is charged completely before downloading any data.

Switching Technology

You will notice that 3G technology is equipped with circuit switching network nodes and packet switching, but it does not mean it is superior to 4G because as it has only packet switching infrastructure. As far as the 3G and 4G bandwidth is concerned, it is same in both the technologies. Users will have more advantages using 4G because next time you receive any call from anyone, you can find out its IP address which is not possible in 3G network.


If you spend most of your time travelling in cars, railways or any public transport, 4G will provide you additional benefits of communication; because its data rate is 1 gigabit for walking & stationary users and 100 megabits for zigzag driving. 4G performance is far better than 3G Network anywhere as the quality and performance is specified by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union). So, next time you go anywhere in your car, you are not supposed to get worried about any data transfer or weak signals irrespective of what cell phone you are using.


What I love about 4G Technology making it more reliable and dependent is its unique feature of connectivity which is not influenced by any bad weather condition. Now, you can completely enjoy your communication freedom even when you are engulfed with harsh atmosphere around.

Advanced Security

Users should not forget that all kinds of broadband technology, a sense of security weakness is associated which is not guaranteed by the service provider. Internet is such a place where latest and advanced technology is tested which makes the users vulnerable to pirates. 4G offers additional cover of security and confidentiality. This is one big difference between 3G and 4G technology for mobile phones.

4G availability in India

Mobile phone users in India will have access to 4G technology in next few months as the Government of India is holding talks about auction process to distribute 4G spectrum that is held by the Defense Ministry. But, it will still take more time for 4G to reach all over India because 3G is yet to reach several Indian cities. 4G network will ease communication system in rural areas where network is always slow and weak. In addition to this, it will also provide better and faster internet services to mobile phones.

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How to start and use Google+ Hangout (Stepwise guide)

Amidst Facebook’s growing clout in the Social Networking Business, Google+ is desperately trying to win a losing battle. A promising new feature thrown in by Google is Google+ Hangout. Google+ Hangout is a completely new way for video conferencing and live chats. It allows you to invite your friends to a conference and a have a face-to-face conversation with as many as 10 of them.
Here’s how to get started with Google+ Hangout:

Login to your Google+ account.

Click on the “Start a Hangout” button in the right pane.

click start hangout to start hangout

If you do not have the Google Talk and video plugins, you will be redirected to  the download page. We found some glitches in the downloads, so it is better to do the same from this link : – http://www.google.com/tools/dlpage/res/talkvideo/hangouts/ .

After installing the plug-ins, reopen the Start hangout page.

You will now be taken to the Green Room and asked who you want to hang out with. Simply enter the circles you want to be notified about your starting a Hangout. Then click on “Hangout”.

As soon as you enter the Hangout zone, your stream will be updated with the message that you are hanging out. Anyone who wants to join you can click on the link included with the stream.

google plus hangout live

You can also invite people to hang out. Click on the “Invite” button at the top left of the screen, select the people you want to invite and you are done. The selected people are sent messages that you are Hanging out and would like to invite them.

friends doing video chat using Google plus hangout

click to expand image

You can also choose to block the video feed, essentially turning the conference into an audio one. To do this, click on the little mic at the top right corner of the Hangout screen.

You can also turn on chatting while conferencing. To do this, click on the “Chat” button on the top left corner. So in effect, Hangout allows you text, voice and video chatting, all on the same screen.

With its conferencing capabilities, Google+ Hangout can serve as a platform for collaboration works. Supporting it is another feature that lets you share your screen with everyone in the Hangout. To do this, click on the “Share Screen” button in the top pane. You can choose to share a single window or the entire screen.

Completing the Hangout experience is the option to share a youtube video. Simply click on the “Youtube” button in the top pane.

In concept, you could arrange a virtual classroom through Hangout. Though the number of people allowed in a single Hangout is limited to 10, public figures, celebrities and users with large number of followers could use the new Google+ Hangout on Air.

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Post query for failed recharge in rechargeitnow.com (consumer support)

Failed recharge is a common problem while using online recharge service.

Sometimes payment is deducted while mobile isn’t recharged. Other times, transaction gets successful (payment deducted too) but recharge fails. As this is all done by an automated system, so glitches are bound to happen. But you can’t rely on the website to make corrections, you have to tell them of the problem by posting a query to their consumer support officials.

Here are the steps to follow when a recharge fails in rechargeitnow.com,

  1. Login to your account and reach rechargeitnow’s consumer support page.
  2. Choose the first option (Failed Recharge) in drop down list you see. Once you choose the option, some more options would appear.

    failed recharge query in rechargeitnow for consumer support

  3. Enter your name, mobile number, amount, email-id, date of transaction, type of problem and CAPTCHA text. These are most important, and mandatory as well. Leave other options unfilled. In ‘Type of Problem’, choose your problem or choose others, if unsure. Finally click ‘Submit’.
  4. On submission, you’ll see a confirmation for your posted query. Also, an email notification will be sent to you.

    confirmation for posting failed recharge query on rechargeitnow

  5. Your query would take 1-2 days to process. Once its resolved, either your number would be recharged or money would be credited back to your account. You’ll be notified of this via email.

If a query isn’t resolved within 8 days, you can escalate it. 95% cases are resolved on time, escalation is rarity. Rechargeitnow.com is good in service.

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IT job interview in India: Interview questions and preparation a candidate needs

If you have just completed your engineering or IT diploma, first question comes to your mind is what types of questions are asked during an interview! Here are magical tips to overcome unexpected nervousness and confusing atmosphere. Asking random questions and creating confusing environment for candidates during the interview is common, but as an IT candidate you should understand technical importance of this process.

prepare for IT job interview in India

Basic concept of questions during the interviews

IT companies cannot recruit new candidates blindly unless they know that they have the best mind and talent in the industry.

Here are some tips to understand the nature of common questions that’re often asked in IT job interview in India:

  1. A bunch of inquiries to know how fast and quick your analytical ability is. Questions like what’s the color of your shoes, or why you haven’t wore a tie (despite having) are common ones to check awareness of a candidate.
  2. You might be good in your practical and academic performance, but your aptitude test provides brief information and description to create positive atmosphere in the organization; so the questions are based on such concept and theory.

The nature of questions is further divided into two parts: written and oral form. As far as the written is concerned, you must pay attention to your grammatical problems, writing structure and how well you can present an idea. While facing oral interview, you must be soft, slow and clear in your communication. There is no use of speaking fast if the interviewers do not understand your idea or the information you provide. The more soft and slow you are in your communication, the more satisfied and relaxed you will be during the interview.

Confusing Questions

During recruitment process in Indian IT companies, candidates are also faced with unexpected questions which they did not read anywhere. Do not get angry, see around you and show any signs of uneasiness as the purpose of confusing questions is to see your humorous point of view. Do not get furious and try to make them smile with your answer as it can get you some positive points. But, here you have to use your own instinct and insight to answer because some confusing questions also require seriousness on the spot.

Important aspects to cover for interviews

In job interviews in India, there are some questions you cannot think about with the help of your talent and insight unless you do some research or get information from different sources.

Know your employer

Get as much information about the organization as possible because all companies ask you why you want to join them. Be familiar with working environment, business and theological aspects of the organization. Get some information about market value and its performance. Study about its success story and the challenges if faced since the advent of establishment. You should make them feel that you are really interested in working with them.

What you can offer?

The role you are applying for is also of great importance. Most of the IT candidates do not know about their roles that is why they are not able to convince the organization that the candidate will perform well. Each role in the organization requires some practical and theoretical responsibility, the more you know about your role, the better you will convey your idea.

Skills you have?

IT Companies also ask about the candidates. Here they do not mean simple information like your name and family background. You are supposed to provide information about your web/software projects, positions you occupied, challenges you faced and how you succeeded. Information about you should be on your fingertips. During your interview process, you are supposed to make a balance between the job you are interested in and your qualification and performance.

Technical knowledge

As you’re applying in an IT company, you must be sound in technical knowledge. Usually not many technical questions are fired at candidates during interviews but it doesn’t mean you should not prepare for it. The interview panel does include guys from technical field, so you must be ready for it. In technical, basic but confusing questions are asked.

Simple, clear and straight

Last important point you should keep in mind is the interview timeline and how many rounds are there. You should prepare according to the round and timeline. Your answers should not be too lengthy and unfruitful. Simple, clear and informative answers in positive manners always work wonders. Be confident that you are the one for the job and prove your talent and skills.

Practice hard for interviews

Also remember, you cannot make yourself prepared and master overnight or in just one interview. I would like to suggest you that before applying with the organization you want to join, also apply with other companies just to boost your confidence level and overcome tense environment of the interview.

Hope this blog would’ve helped you. If there is something more from your side, please post in comments and we’ll add to our blog. Cheers!

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How to add menu and submenu in WordPress (stepwise instructions)

WordPress provides a simple interface to add menus and submenus.

Submenus are the list that appears when cursor is moved over a menu item. You’re seeing the same in CyberPassion (move cursor over menus).

To add submenu to a WordPress-powered site, follow our stepwise guide,

  1. Login to admin panel and go to Appearance > Menus. Once you’re there, you’ll see several boxes and input fields on right side.(Some’ll be appearing foggy)
  2. Name your menu, say First Menu, and click create menu. You can name it anything as this won’t be displayed.

    click create menu and submenu in wordpress

  3. Once created, content on the left side appears clearly. On left, you’ll see 4 boxes, one would display the name of currently active menu i.e First Menu, while other three shows custom links, pages and categories. We’ll be showing these links, pages and categories in our menus and submenus.
  4. To create menus, first select some or all category items, pages, custom links and click Add to Menu.

    select category,pages and add to menu

  5. These will get added to the menu, and shifts to right side.

    all menu and submenu items appeared on right side

  6. We arrange these items in menus and submenus. These will show up in the website in same order as its shown here. So we need to carefully arrange these. Here is how we do this.
  7. We drag and drop bars (items) to align them. For menu items, we drag them up or down depending on the location we desire. Here is how its done,

    menu item shifted and arranged in wordpress

  8. Similarly, for creating submenus we drag it backwards and place it beneath a menu item. Here is diagrammatic representation,

    add submenu to menu in WordPress by dragging back

  9. Arrange all bars similarly. Make sure you’ve aligned them properly as the same sequence is shown in the website menu and submenus. Once you’re done, click Save Menu.

    save all menu and submenu settings

  10. This is all. Now one final step is to activate this menu. So move to the box at extreme top-left corner. Here select the menu First Menu and click Save. Actually you can create more than menu, so its important to let WordPress know of the actual menu you want to activate.

    select menu to use and save it

Now see your website, it’d be showing these menu items with submenus in the same order. Cheers!!!

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5 best features of latest WordPress 3.3.1

WordPress 3.3.1 is available for some time now. As I was on moon with some urgent work, hence failed to update it. But soon after my return, I’ve finally updated my WordPress and the latest update looks quite interesting.

Its packed with great features with radical improvements in GUI, easing the work of bloggers with some really cool features. Though, I haven’t checked thoroughly but my 1st day experience with the latest update is quite amazing . So I brought forward my 5 best features of the new WordPress 3.3.1,

  1. Better GUI and performance

    You can see the difference as soon as you reach your WordPress dashboard. Design sees amelioration with smooth navigation to most important functions like adding posts and media, checking plugin updates and more. Improved GUI hasn’t affected the performance, which is improved by a good margin.

    If you’ve updated your WordPress recently, then you can feel the lightness of the new WordPress. Navigation is easy, pages load faster and things are best designed for bloggers ease. Previous releases had little GUI improvements but this time it’s a radical one.

    friendly top bar in wordpress

  2. Multiple-file upload

    This is by far the best feature (for me!). Now you can upload multiple files at once in WordPress. Not only this, you can drag and drop files to upload. My blogs usually includes lots of images, so my work has mow curtailed out by large. Previously, we either had to upload files individually or using a FTP program if files are in numbers. Both these ways are time taking and problematic. But new WordPress update has done things a lot simpler.

    multi-file uploader feature in latest wordpress 3.3.1

  3. Easy navigation

    In Latest WordPress 3.3.1, navigation is something that’ll catch you attention. Now, you can see submenus by just moving cursor over the menu items. The same applies for the top bar, that now includes option for directly adding new post and media files, see comments and updates, visit website, check updates on wordpress.org for latest info and queries. And of course, an option to check your WordPress profile and log out. This is my third best feature just because of the way it simplifies GUI.

    easy navigation in latest WordPress

  4. Improved Help

    Oh yes, this one is a notable improvement. New GUI for WordPress see changes in the help section (that appears above every page). Now it better uses jQuery to provide soothing transition between help contents. Screen options got some improvements as well.

    easier help section in new wordpress

  5. Editing themes on the go

    It might not be of great interest for most but yes, new WordPress allows editing of not only the plugin or stylesheet files but also of all WordPress files from admin panel only. Now you can increase excerpt length, control loop, add functions, and do lot more customization much easily.

    improved theme editor for easy wordpress customization

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Batch file trick to automatically shutdown windows

We’ve all heard of the utterly useful batch files. Dreaded as they are, some batch file tricks can automate a lot of tasks and in the process, provide some really interesting (or annoying) scares and laughs.

In essence, a batch file offers all that you can achieve with the command line. In addition however, it also allows a couple more features; including the use of variables and the conditional statements (if-else). Here are a few batch file tricks:

Automate Shutdown

The shutdown command when used within a batch file can perform a lot of powerful actions. If you feel shutting down your machine requires more clicks than necessary, you can create  desktop shortcut for the same. Here are the various parameters available:

/s – shutdown
/h – hibernate
/r – restart
/a – abort a shutdown command
/p – shutdown without warnings
/t – specifies the time in seconds after with the machine shuts down. The default time for shutdown is 30 seconds
/m – shuts down a remote computer on the network


Write the following line in notepad and save it with name ‘shutdown.bat’. Whenever you open this ‘shutdown.bat’ file, windows will shutdown after 120 seconds.

(Also works when this code is directly entered in Command Prompt/cmd)

shutdown /s /t  120

automatic shutdown using batch file trick

The /m attribute allows you to shut down a machine on the network. This can serve as a clever way for spreading scare on a network. It is to be noted however that the target machine should support remote shutdown. Following code shutsdown a windows system( in network after 120 seconds.

shutdown /s /t 120 /m

To abort shutdown, use the following code and save it as ‘abort.bat’. But this code must be executed within time(120secs).

shutdown /a

For this batch file trick, it is advisable to make two shortcuts one each for shutting down and for aborting an accidental command.

To check if its working fine, open your ‘shutdown.bat’ file and once countdown for shutdown starts, run ‘abort.bat’. Shutdown would stop.

Make a harmless virus for automatic shutdown

The commands given below create a small, harmless virus that forces the shutdown of the machine. The commands develop an infinite loop. The only way to stop the unfolding windows is to either find out the parent window and close it, or restart the machine.

start name.bat
go to start

Here ‘name.bat’ is the name of the file you save these commands in(again, as ‘shutdown.bat’).

This simple loop opens the file and keeps repeating the operation due to the ‘go to start’. line.

And here is one cool batch file trick,

Run CMD and Regedit when blocked

If your administrator has blocked CMD and/or the Registry, here’s a way to circumvent it.

  1. Open notepad and enter ‘COMMAND.COM'(for CMD) or ‘Start regedit'(for Registry)
  2. Save the file as ‘anything.bat’ (without the quotes)
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Write Hindi in Facebook without using app

To write Hindi in Facebook, Twitter we need the help of apps. The same can be easily done with minimum effort by using online translation tools.

Here are 2 such tools for writing Hindi in Facebook (or any other social media site). Here are they,

Method 1: Use Microsoft’s online Indic Language Input tool

This is an online tool by Microsoft that allows conversion of English text to Hindi. You write Hindi sentences in English(like Hi kaisa hai tu?), the tool would keep on converting those in Hindi as you type. Here is how to use it,

  1. First goto Microsoft Indic Language Input tool.
  2. Next see the box at bottom. Start typing your text here. With each space, previous word would convert into Hindi. The tool works great and there shouldn’t be any problem in conversion.

    write hindi in facebook

  3. Next copy the Hindi text and paste to Facebook, Twitter or anywhere you want.

Method 2: Use Google Translation tool to write Hindi

This works same as the Microsoft’s language tool but is considered as more accurate than the former and is available for more Indian languages.

Like the previous method, here you’ll see a box where you have to enter text for conversion. First make sure, Hindi is selected text on top left side.

write hindi with google translation

Once done, copy and paste the Hindi text and post anywhere you want.

But if you don’t want the copy and paste stuff. You can download Microsoft’s Indic language software to your system, install it and write Hindi/Bengali/Kannada/Tamil etc fonts in documents.

To write Hindi in iPhone there is a cool app available. Using the app, one can write Hindi and post anywhere.

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All Facebook pages getting redesigned

After Facebook profiles shifted to timeline, its now the turn of Facebook pages to get a redesign.

Yes, all Facebook pages would now soon be carted over to a new design. It’s optional now but it’ll be made mandatory after 30th March.

Admins can check their redesigned Facebook page before it gets mandatory. If they want, they can switch to the new design before 30th.

How redesigned Facebook page looks

The new design is very similar to timeline where Info, Photos, Maps, Number of Likes are all shown at the top section. There is also a space for adding cover image, just like Facebook timeline has.

Also, Wall posts, comments, likes and shares are all distributed in different time-frames, to give pages a real life experience.

We’ve tried the new feature and this is how redesigned CyberPassion Facebook looks,

facebook page redesigned

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Useful CMD tricks and commands

That wretched black window with a broken white font gives more scares than be of any use, right?…Wrong. Though not exactly user-friendly, the Command prompt can sometimes prove to be of help.  First things first. How do you run cmd?
Press the ‘windows-key + r’ combination and type ‘cmd’ in the Run box. But what if the utility is blocked by the administrator? Here’s a workaround:

  1. Open notepad and enter this text : “COMMAND.COM”
  2. Save the file as cmd.bat

And you are done!

Here’s a short list of cmd commands that you might find useful :

assoc – A useful cmd trick. Used to associate file extensions to filetypes. For eg. the following will associate the fictional .gerrard file extension with the html file-type.
assoc .gerrard = htmlfile
Just type assoc file-extension to show current association with that extension.

move – Another very useful cmd command.  What makes this simple command is the combination of wild cards. For eg. if you wanted to move all pdf files from one location to another, you could type:
move *.pdf e:\temp.
Note that if the any directory involved has a space in its name, it needs to be included within the double quotes. Also note that this command does not create a new folder, so the destination directory must already exist.

ping  – used to check the health of the connection.
usage : ping www.google.com

tracert – traces the route taken by a packet of data to reach the destination machine
usage : tracert www.gmail.com

tracert cmd trick

tree – displays the structure of the directory in a visual format. Use the /f attribute to also show the files.
usage : tree /f

tree cmd command

find – Probably the most powerful cmd command. It searches for a specific string of text in one or more files. After searching the specified file or files, find displays any lines of text that contain the specified string.

eg. find /v “gerrard” new2.txt    displays all lines of text in the file new2.txt that does not contain the string “gerrard”. The not operation is applied by the /v attribute.
The command can be made even more powerful by using the pipe (|) operator. Here’s how
To search your hard disk to find and display the file names on drive C: that contain the string “Google” use the pipe (|) to direct the results of a dir command to find as follows:
dir c:\ /s /b | find “Google”

Here are some more useful cmd tricks :

  1. Use the ctrl + c combination to stop a command mid-way.
  2. Use the | operator to break the output into pages.
    eg. after this command is entered, the output is displayed either line by line(by pressing space) or page by page(by pressing enter).
    C:\dir | more

cmd tricks and commands

  1. The “>” operator moves the output of a command to a filename. For eg. the following command saves the output of the dir command to the file new.txt
    c:\dir >new.txt
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How to choose correct domain for business?

choose right website name for businessYou’ve been given the name by your parents just because it carries some meaning, something that they feel proud in calling you. The same thing applies with the domain name for a business.

Your brand is your lifetime dream, so why not decide a name that suits it the best. Here are some important guidelines for selecting the right domain name for business.

  1. One that best describes your business. If its a tech blog then don’t name it like yourRavi.com (like mine!). Rather choose one that has initials of your company name and the core field of working. One great example is Microsoft which is combination of micro+software. Google is an exception but most company have website names that’s a combination of name and their work.
  2. Consider geographical location. You shouldn’t name your firm localized in India as LAshoes.com. Rather it should be indianshoes.com. Most business serves people within a particular location: a few cities, or a nation at most. So, it important to select a domain name for business that has traces of its roots and marketplace it’ll serve. Its a great marketing strategy too. Putting location in website name is a powerful way of catching customers from that area.
  3. Go for .com TLD’s(Top Level Domains). Though you have lots of TLD to choose from but .com is the one that you should prefer. Its the default TLD, web browsers append it at the end ever if you’ve missed it while writing. Moreover, there may be people who just heard of your brand name, but not the website. They’ll assume website only with .com added to it. For a brand, kioske, people would goto kioske.com before thinking of any other option. .org and .in should be the second and third priority, respectively, and must be chosen only when you find your desired name with it.
  4. Keep it simple, short and easy to remember. Getting a short domain name for business is most important. People don’t remember longer website names and find it uncomfortable to type again and again. So, a website name bestindianshoes.com could be shortened as bishoes.com. Longer names might express everything about your business but customers won’t be coming as most love a 3-8 word domain name rather than one with 15+ words.
  5. Never include individual names/hyphens/numbers. So, if you’re thinking of a domain with hyphens then you must drop the plan for the simple reason that its difficult to remember and prone to mistakes while typing. Also, a correct domain must not include name of owner, or anyone else in it. It badly affects the market. Would Facebook be having 850+ million users if it had been named as MarkZuck.com. Absolutely no! It might still be the biggest social networking site but it’ll be lacking credibility, which is most important. So, let your website sound professional by avoiding name in it.
  6. Avoid Copyright Infringement/other legal problems: Nobody deliberately commit mistakes. But if it happens then it can kill a great website and a rising brand. So make sure you are away from all sort of legal problems, most importantly from copyright infringement. Once a domain name infringes a copyright you may be charged with a hefty fine. Must check out copyright.gov before booking a domain.

For choosing the right domain name for business, you may issue a brainstorming session. Ask your employees and others to come up with new names.

Select best ones, and write down on a board. Then ask for suggestions on the selected ones, and finalize the best one in the end. Deciding it by yourself is a bit tougher as different people have different perspectives. One of such suggestions might be better than yours.

A simple way to come up with a great domain name

We’ve talked about the characteristics of a good domain name for business. Its time to combine all those and see how easily you can come up with great domain name.

Suppose there is a technology firm called ‘Nano’, based in Bangalore.

Here, most important in the niche of the company and that’s ‘technology’, and next is its the name ‘Nano’. So the best one we have is Nanotech.com. But this should’t be available. Its probably be taken by someone else.

Since the best option is gone, we’ve Nanotech.org or Nanotech.in to consider. Anyone of these could be a great website name. But as I previously said, we move way from .com only if we’re getting desired name like ‘Nanotech’.

If none of these are available, then try adding location, short-forms of the name. One good name could be Ntech.com, NTechnologies.com or Ntechbanglaore.com.

Similarly, more such names can be taken into consideration. Apply brainstorming, ask your employees and friends to select the best one out of them.

Tools like AjaxWhois and Domjax can be helpful in quickly finding the available domain names. You can also ask us to do the same, all you need is to like our Facebook page and get in tough with us.