Free download fonts of 35 famous brands

Wondering how big brands design their logo, wanna know about the typeface they use to make their logo. Your wait is now over. Just sit back and look at these 35 fonts of some of the biggest brands in the market which includes Coca Cola, Google, Puma, Heineken, Ferrari, Hulu, Swatch, Time and many more.


Get the font and write your Heineken logo. And when you get tipsy next time, see if the logo on the bottle matches to what you designed. (Download)

heineken font free download

Walt Disney

The magical logo of the famous production house is derived from its founder Walter Elias Disney. So, next time you watch a Walt Disney movie, give a quick thought on how its designed. (Download)

free download walt disney font


Create a Ferrari logo and paste on your car to give the same feeling. Not everyone can buy it. Don’t know about others but at least I can’t. (Download)

ferrari font to download for free


Remember any other brand with an exclamation mark? No, I guess. (Download)

yahoo font free download


The pioneer of social networking has a logo made in Arial Rounded MT typeface. You even don’t need to download it as its pre-installed in your Windows.

free download myspace font

Coca Cola

One of the oldest beverage brand has a unique typeface called ‘Loki Cola’ that’s named after the brand only. (Download)

download free font for coca cola


One of the famous acronyms in the market has an awesome logo build using a typeface called ‘Men In Blue’. You can recreate the same logo at home by downloading the font. (Download)

free download ibm logo

Rolling Stone

The licious magazine has glittering shiney red logo written in ‘Rolling Rocker font’, which is named after the brand. (Download)

rolling stone font download

Tommy Hilfiger

You must have a few Tommy jeans in your wardrobe. But do you know the font in which its logo is designed? (Download)

tommy hilfiger font free download


The stylish logo of the brand has a ball with it. You can create an exact copy of the brand’s logo by downloading the Pepsi font. (Download)

pepsi font free download


A site connecting near 1 billion people worldwide has a pretty simple logo just like its design and the way it connects people. (Download 1 or Download 2)

facebook font free download

Burger King

Global chain of hamburger has a simple typeface called ‘Insaniburger’, which is derived from the very first burger that the company made. It was called InsaniBurger. (Download)

burger king logo


We’ve been watching the logo since our nappy-days. The German sportswear company has a simple typeface with a beast jumping over the trailing ‘a’. (Download)

free download puma font


It reminds us of those days when birds carry messages from one place to another. Now Twitter does the same, carrying tweets of one user to others who want to follow him. Its logo is designed in ‘Arista’. (Download)

twitter font free download


Ever thought a website would make money by providing links to different websites. Probably not. That’s why Digg is different others, and so does its logo. But its little less attractive than what you and I expect. (Download)

free download digg font


Big brand. Simple Logo. The largest consulting firm in the world has probably the simplest logo of all. Its made in a sister font of Sans Serif Bold. (Download)

accenture logo font


Many aspire, but very few reach there. But you can definitely design a Hollywood, I mean Hollywood logo at home. (Download)

hollywood font download


S-watch, another swiss company that manufacture watches. By the way, Swatch is the largest watch manufacturing company in the world. (Download)

download swtach font for free


The biggest VoIP service has a logo pretty much similar to Twitter. Its logo is designed in ‘Helvetica’. Your computer has it pre-installed. (Download)

skype logo font download


A website that earns 20 times per user more than Facebook. Its logo is simple like most others but has a small rounded corner square over the last ‘in’ of the logo. Its typeface is ‘MyRiad Pro Bold’. (Download)

likedin font download for free


Simple rectangular text is the core of Hulu’s logo, a premium brand to watch online movies and shows. Its typeface is ‘Futura Bold’. (Download)

hulu typeface download


The biggest brand on internet has a uniquely identifying colored logo. Its font name is ‘Catull’. a nice piece of info to tell your friends. (Download)

google logo font download


Though not many people go beyond Google but if you do then you must have checked Bing, the search engine by Microsoft. It has a pretty stylish design. (Download)

microsoft bing font


Ever imagined, one day you’ll share video. YouTube makes it possible. Its logo has simple text with a rounded rectangle icon in the background. The font used in of YouTube logo is ‘Alternate Gothic’ which is very close to Century Gothic. (Download)

youtube logo free download


Flickr is one of the very few services of Yahoo that is still alive on internet. Font used in Flickr logo is ‘Frutiger’. (Download)

free download flickr font


It is one of the biggest and the most popular sports channels. It has a simple yet attractive logo with a line crossing over it (Download)

sports channel espn font

The New York Times

You have been reading the biggest news in this newspaper. Now you can download font used in its logo. (Download)

new york times font


So you have always used PayPal for sending and receiving money. Now you can use its simple yet classy font Verdana Bold Italic by downloading it from here (Download)

paypal font download


The famous hunger curbing bar is a simple logo made using the lunch time font named after the bar itself. (Download)

snickers chocolate font

PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 has an amazing designer logo. It is short yet communicate a lot to its customers. Fancy using its font? Go ahead and check the download link (Download)

playstation 3 font


The yellow logo of the GoodYear brand is appealing to many. It represents the versatility of the brand in beautiful way. (Download)

goodyear font


A search engine that indexes blog, or can say a Google for blogs, has a pretty straight forward logo. (Download)

technorati font free download logo written with ‘MadType’ font with all characters in small caps. (Download)

lastfm font free download


A video sharing site like YouTube has a pretty soothing, curly logo. Its typeface is ‘Black Rose’. (Download)

free download vimeo font


There are very few logos that use color contrast so nicely. Zopa is one of them that has a typeface named ‘AG Book Rounded Bold’. (Download)

zopa font free download

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List of best songs of Rajesh Khanna, a tribute on his sad demise

Rajesh Khanna, the very first superstar on Indian cinema died on 18th July at the age of 70. list of best songs of rajesh khannaHe was suffering from lung disorder for a long time, and his health was deteriorating very fast.

He appeared in over 160 movies and was once a bigger star than Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra.

He was married to Dimple Kapadia and was also romantically linked to Anju Mahendru. He separated from Dimple in 1984 and they have two daughters together – Twinkle Khanna and Rinki Khanna.

In the blog, we pay tribute to the legendary icon and present a list of best songs of Rajesh Khanna,

Mere sapno ki rani

Ye sham mastani

Zindagi ke safar me

Pyar diwana hota hai

Chala jata hu

Acha to hum chalte hai

Ye reshmi zulfen

Karvate badlate rahe

Jai jai shiv shankar

Diye jalte hai

Bheegi bheegi raton me

Kuch to log kahenge

Isse pehle ki yaad tu aye

Gun guna rahe hai bhawre

Mere naseeb me aye dost

Zindagi pyar ka geet hai

Jis gali me tera ghar na ho

Public hai ye sab janti hai

Chingari koi bhadke

Gun guna rahe hai bawre

A true legend, absolutely scintillating songs featuring ‘Kaka’ Rajesh Khanna.

If there is any epic song missing in the list, please mention in comments and we’ll add them asap.

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15 interesting facts about Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer

Merissa Mayer is Yahoo’s new CEO, she is company’s 5th CEO in the last 5 years. Recent move by the company clearly indicate its promptness to compete with Google and regain its lost sheen.

hidden facts about Merissa Mayer

Since this blog is all about Yahoo’s new CEO, Merissa Mayer, here are some interesting facts that you’ll love to know.

  1. She was pregnant while resuming office on 18th July ’12, hence she became the first CEO to resume job in pregnancy.
  2. She was working with Google since 1999 and was executive and spokesperson of the company for a long time. She was considered as the face of Google until she left the company in 2009.
  3. She was Google’s 20th employee and first female engineer. She was hired by Sergey Brin and Larry Page due her strong hold on artificial intelligence. She was impressive in the interview as well.
  4. She refused 14 job offers including one from Carnegie Mellon University to join Google.
  5. She married to Zachary Bogue in 2009, and they’re expecting their first child in October 2012. She is pregnant when named as CEO of Yahoo. She has a 6 months old baby boy in her womb.
  6. She was handling responsibilities as Vice President of Local, Maps, and Location Services in her final years with Google.
  7. She played key role in Google services like Google Search, Google Images, Google Books, Google Product Search, Google Toolbar, iGoogle, Google News and Gmail. She is also responsible for providing a cleaner look to homepage of Google search.
  8. Merissa Mayer featured in the list of America’s most powerful women in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. She is the youngest women in the list.
  9. She is obsessed with fashion and follows the latest trend. Once she spent a hefty sum, nearly $60,000 just to have a dinner with fashion designer Oscar de la Renta.
  10. She has a $5 million penthouse at the top of Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco.
  11. Mayor was ranked 32 in the Forbes Magazine’s List of The World’s 100 most powerful Women
  12. In 2013, she also became the first women to be listed on top on Fortune magazine’s annual list of the top 40 business stars under 40 years of age.
  13. In Feb 2013, she changed the company’s remote working policy and make it compulsory to have in-office roles. She had to face lot of criticism for this change in policy.
  14. It has been reported that the share price of Yahoo has been doubled in the short tenure of Mayor’s leadership
  15. And the most interesting one – It’s been rumored that she dated Google’s co-founder Larry Page in early 2000s. It was a hot subject in Silicon Valley and many considered this as taboo.

If you know something more about Yahoo’s new CEO, post in comments and we’ll add them to the list. Thanks for reading.

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How to customize WP PageNavi, the best pagination plugin for WordPress blog

Pagination is the system at the bottom of a WordPress blog that allows visitors to navigate across different entries/pages. Here is how the default pagination in WordPress looks like,

default wordpress pagination

When website owners are ready to spend on getting fancy WordPress theme for their blog, they would defintely like to have a better pagination than what’s provided by WordPress as default.

Many plugins are available for use but very few are worth using. WP PageNavi is probably the most used pagination plugin for WordPress with over 2.7 million downloads till date. Its authors issue regular updates according to the latest WordPress releases. Also, a number of new features are added with time.

The plugin shows numbered links to different pages. The WP PageNavi plugin is fully customizable to match the blog design. The number of pages to show can also be changed easily.

Add PageNavi to WordPress blog

1. Download the plugin, unzip it and upload to ‘Plugin’ folder of your WordPress installation.

2. Activate the plugin from your WP Dashboard under ‘Plugins’ section.

3. Now goto your WordPress theme and delete the following line of codes. In TwentyTen theme, the LOC are as follows,

<div class="nav-previous"><?php next_posts_link( __( '<span class="meta-nav">
&larr;</span> Older posts', 'twentyten' ) ); ?></div>
<div class="nav-next"><?php previous_posts_link( __( 'Newer posts <span class="meta-nav">
&rarr;</span>', 'twentyten' ) ); ?></div>

Paste the following instead,

<?php wp_pagenavi(); ?>

4. All done! Check your blog now and see WP PageNavi in action.

wp pagenavi plugin

5. To modify settings, go to WP-Admin -> Settings -> PageNavi.

Steps for Customization

By default, WP PageNavi includes a default CSS file. You can also do manual customization to match the plugin appearance according to your blog’s design.

Before we customize, lets see the HTML code when the plugin runs,

<div class='wp_pagenavi'>
<span class='pages'>1 of 100</a>
<span class='current'>1</span>
<a href='' class='page larger'>2</a>
<a href='' class='page larger'>3</a>
<a href='' class='page larger'>4</a>
<a href='' class='page larger'>5</a>
<a href='' class='page larger'></a>

1. In the first <span class='pages'></span> we show up the total number of pages in the blog, or in a particular tag or category.

2. Second <span class='current'></span> includes the page number that’s currently active. Since we’re on 1st page, its on 1. As we move to 2, 3, 4… page numbers, it’ll shift to those. The code would subsequently become <span class='current'>2</span>, <span class='current'>3</span>, <span class='current'>4</span> and so on.

3. Other page numbers are under simple anchor tag <a href='' class='page larger'></a>.

Now we manually style the code as follows (rounded radius and lighter-radius color),

.wp-pagenavi span, .wp-pagenavi a
border:1px solid #F3FAFB;

.wp-pagenavi span:hover, .wp-pagenavi a:hover, .wp-pagenavi span.current
border:1px solid #F3FAFB;

wp pagenavi plugin in action

Its important to add the CSS code in the footer section [footer.php] to esnure it overrides the default CSS by WP PageNavi plugin.

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8 things to do after creating a Facebook page for brand/service

A well structured, good looking Facebook page can grab lot more likes than a dull, useless Facebook page. So if you run a brand and have just created a page for it, here are the 8 most vital things you need to do before starting marketing campaigns.

1. Add a profile image: A no brainer. Just like a normal Facebook profile, this is the very first thing to do after creating a Facebook page. This image can’t be promotional, Facebook terms says.

2. Add Page information and description: Facebook pages are indexed by search engines and description is shown in search results just like normal webpages.

Just go to About>Basic Information and add information about your page. Other fields like ‘Mission’ and ‘Awards’ are optional, you can fill them later or leave blank.

This is what CyberPassion’s Facebook page has,

write description about the facebook page

3. Design an attractive cover image: Cover image is what a visitor first sees in a page. So, choose an image that is an indication of the brand’s core operations but must not be promotional in any way. It can’t have brand’s name, logo or bulk text data.

Our blog on ‘Guidelines to design Facebook cover image‘ and ‘Tips to design killer cover image‘ has more information on this.

4. Add a start date, location: Soon after creating a Facebook page, add an image with start date, location and story on how and why the page came into existence.

add a start date after creating a facebook page

5. Add important apps: Facebook pages are all about gaining fans and turning them into customers. So its important to add apps to grab likes, and engage the existing fans with polls, events and other interesting apps.

One other useful app is ‘Suggest to friends’ which allows any Facebook user to invite his friends to like a certain page. This can collect more fans in relatively shorter period of time.

6. Configure settings: You can allow/disallow others from posting on your page, block page in one or many countries, add remove message button, block fans, add/remove options and do lot more things. This depends on how you want to interact with your fans.

6.1. Block Page in certain contries

restrict facebook page from showing in certain countries

6.2. Show/Hide Message Button

decide wether to show message button

6.3. Allow posts and tagging
configure posting ability and tagging

7. Add Admins: Next important thing is to add key peoples as admins in your Facebook page. By doing so, they can manage the page when you’re unavailable. You can also define roles to different admins of the page. Admins are also important in getting likes.

after creating a facebook page, add admins to facebook page

8. Invite friend for likes: One great way to getting bulk likes is by sending invitation to friends of admins to like the page. To so this, just click on the ‘Build Audience’ tab at the top of page and click on the ‘Invite Friends’ option. A box containing all friends would appear, select all and send invitation.

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Forward Yahoo mails to Gmail for free

Bored of using Yahoo Mail and now want to involve with Gmail? If yes, then you might need to forward the existing as well as incoming Yahoo emails to your new Gmail account, to ensure no mails from your Yahoo friends are missed.

Step-1: Prepare your Yahoo account for forwarding

1. Login to Yahoo and goto ‘Mail Options’.

Forward Yahoo mails to Gmail

2. Click ‘Vacation Response’. Check ‘Enable auto-response during these dates’ option, select ‘Until’ date as far as possible and add a message as shown in the image below.

Finally click ‘Save’ to finish the step.

select vacation response, add message and set forwarder for Yahoo mails-2

3. Keep the Yahoo account open in one tab and open Gmail in another tab.


Step-2: Configure Gmail to retrive emails from Yahoo account

1. Login to Gmail, open ‘Settings’.

2. Goto ‘Accounts and Imports’ and click on the ‘Add a POP3 Account of your own’ against ‘Check mail from other accounts’ option.

An incognito window would open up.

check mails and forward from yahoo to gmail-4

3. In the window, enter Yahoo-id [from where emails will forward to Gmail].

enter yahoo email id to forward emails to gmail-5

4. In the next few steps, you’ll be asked to enter password, POP3 port to receive emails and SMTP port to reply the forwarded emails. Choose options according to your requirement. If confused, keep proceeding with default options.

5. Finally a verification code will be sent to your Yahoo-id. Enter it to verify ownership of your Yahoo account.

Forward Yahoo mails to Gmail-7

6. All done! Incognito window will close now. All your incoming mails on Yahoo will now be start forwarding to Gmail.

7. To try if its working, send a test mail to Yahoo-id and see if its forwarded to Gmail.

As we can see in the image below, email containing the confirmation code sent to Yahoo-id is forwarded to Gmail and can be seen in Gmail Inbox.

yahoo mails forward to gmail-8

click to enlarge

Gmail regularly checks for new e-mails in the provided Yahoo account. Any incoming email is shown instantly in the Gmail Inbox. You can view, delete, or even reply to these Yahoo emails from Gmail.

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Facebook scan your chatlog for criminal ativities

Recently, Facebook’s legal cell released a statement stating that Facebook scans almost all chat data to detect loose talks and criminal talks between two guys or groups of guys.

This came into limelight when Facebook informed police about a 40 year old guy whose chat-log showed that he was trying to have unfair relationship with a 13 year old teen in the US. Police caught the guy and he has been jailed.

Though, Facebook terms doesn’t state even a word in this regard but its been accepted by Facebook that there is system in place to filter such communication through Facebook chat.

Facebook also said that the chat-logs are scanned using a very efficient program. Also, the questionable chat-logs are manually checked by Facebook officials to ensure that correct talks are never marked as wrong/criminal to cause unnecessary problems for users.

The program primarily focuses on conversation between two Facebook friends who rarely chat, or have no mutual friends or live at geographically distant locations. Apart from this, the program also searches for slangs and phrases that’re uncommon in chats. These phrases are derived from English dictionary as well as from older Facebook chat record of criminals.

The program is near 100 percent effective for chating in English. For other languages, its still under development.

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YouTube movie trailer of upcoming Bollywood movies in 2012

In Bollywood, we’ve new movies releasing every week. Lately, there is a flurry of super-hits, most of whom were action-comedies. The same trend is expected to follow in the rest part of 2012 with many good movies waiting to release around Eid and Diwali.

YouTube movie trailer of upcoming Bollywood movies in 2012

If you’re expecting to see Salman or Akki’s next, then here are the trailer of some big upcoming Bollywood movies whose trailers are going nuts on YouTube.

1. Kya Supercool Hai Hum

Mark my words that this movie will offer you more in every aspect than its prequel ‘Kya Kool Hai Hum’. A certain hit, the movie stars Tusshar Kapoor and Ritesh Deshmukh. Have a look at this trailer before deciding your partner to watch it, definitely not a family member, could be your girlfriend. To enjoy the most, just carry your friend and have a laugh throughout.

The movie releases on 27th July.

2. Jism 2

The upcoming sequel of ‘Jism’ released in 2001 can undoubtedly be the most awaited movie of the year. The movie starts Sunny Leone, Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh in lead roles. The movie is a rated in ‘A’ category and isn’t watchable with family, but best for couples. The movie releases on 3 August. Here is the first look of Jism 2 on YouTube,

In cinemas from 3rd August.

3. Gangs of Wasseypur 2

Book tickets of the very first show if you loved ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ that released in June. The movie will once again be loaded with desi action, powerful acting of Manoj Bajpai with North-Indian masala. Another movie that is sure to be a superhit, here is the official clip,

Releasing on 3rd August, coinciding with Jism 2.

4. Ek Tha Tiger

Starring Salman Khan and Katrina in lead roles, this movie can be the biggest blockbuster of the year. This is a romantic movie with a touch of action. Salman plays a role of secret agent in the movie who falls in love with Katrina. Here is the offical trailer of the movie on YouTube,

In cinemas from 15th August onwards.

5. Joker

Akki’s next after the superblast Rowdy Rathore is ‘Joker’ where he plays a NRI who does ‘out of the world’ stuff to get his village recognized by the world. The movie features Akshay and Sonakshi in lead roles. Here is the official trailer that’s released a few days back,

Laughter riot starts from 31st August.

6. Barfi

A romantic comedy featuring Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and newcomer Illeana. The movie is contrast to most movies releasing this year. Its a love triangle between 2 abnormal couple – Ranbir and Priyanka, and a normal female – Illeana who ditches Ranbir under the pressure of the society. Here is the official trailer of the movie,

Releasing on 14 September.

7. Heroine

Unveiling the inside story of Bollywood is the movie Heroine. First it was Aishwarya Rai, but now movie features Kareena Kapoor in lead role. Promos shows that the movie could be much like Fashion, the blockbuster featuring Priyanka Chopra.

Releasing 31 September.

8. Son of Sardar

See Ajay Devgn ablaze theaters with his next movie after the highly successful ‘Bol Bachchan’. The movie is a romantic comedy, and remake of Telugu movie Maryada Ramanna.

Releasing 13th November.

9. Shootout at Wadala:

The movie is a prequel of the highly successful ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’. Its based on the first ever recorded encounter in the history of India where fierce gangster ‘Manya Surve’ was shot dead in a college campus. In the lead roles, there is John Abraham and Anil Kapoor. The release date has not yet been decided but excepted to come by the end of 2012.

Besides these, SRK’s unnamed movie is also expected to be rolling in cinemas in the next two months. We’ll add the trailer as soon as we find it on web.

If there is any big movie missing in the list, please mention in comments. We’ll add them asap. Thanks for reading.

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10 Websites for Online Movie Ticket Booking in India

Nothing can match the enthralling experience of watching a movie in theatre. The experience usually gets more charming if you have your favorite people to accompany you, be it a friend, girlfriend, or a sibling. If you want to watch a movie in the theatre but you are unwilling to stand in the lengthy queues to buy tickets, then read-on as we name lots of websites where you can book online movie tickets completely hassle-free.

websites for online movie ticket booking

  1. BookMyShow: You can book movie tickets for virtually any branded cinema chains in the country including BigCinemas, SRS Cinemas, PVR, Wave and Gold Cinemas using this website. You can enter details about preferred timing and price limit before searching for the ticket. Registering to the site is mandatory before booking tickets. It is the most popular site used for online ticket booking in India.
  2. TicketNew: This website can be referred as a tiny version of BookMyShow. It offers similar service as the former but is limited only to a few popular cinemas of big Indian cities. One major advantage of booking ticket using TicketNew is that it also covers the local theatres available in the cities and hence you can get tickets at comparatively cheaper prices.
  3. BigCinemas: The biggest cinema chain in India with over 515 screens does offer online movie ticket booking facility from its website in all Indian states excluding a few like Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and few North-Indian states. Fares are usually in the range of INR 400-550, which is much higher than normal theatre booking.
  4. PVR Cinemas: The fast spreading cinema chain in India offer convenient booking of online ticket for PVR theatres thorough its personal website. PVR Cinemas provides booking in all PVR theatres in a city unlike BigCinemas.
  5. SRS Cinemas: Being a small cinema chain than PVR and Big Cinemas, SRS provides online movie ticket booking in 8-10 theatres only. These mainly include SRS screens in Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ludhiana, Bijnor, Paitalia, and a few others.
  6. Wave Cinemas: This can be the smallest theatre chain with just over 5-6 screens in Delhi, Noida, Haridwar, Moradabad, Ludhiana and Lucknow. It has the largest screen size and best sound system, thus providing a great movie experience. Apart from online booking, Wave Cinemas offer tele-booking service at 0120-436466 phone number.
  7. Cinemax:  It is a popular name in the multiplex industry with more than 138 screens all over India with a dominant 14 locations in Mumbai. The website is simple to use and allows you to book tickets with exclusive seat choices. You can also choose from comfort recliners and massage chairs.
  8. TicketPlease: Comparatively a new website, this website provides online booking services only for few cinema chains like BigCinemas and Cinemax. It is expected that the website will add other cinemas as well in coming time.
  9. Ticket4UIt is a brilliant website for online ticket booking in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Kolar and few others. With most websites with online ticket booking, you will need to go and collect your ticket at the theatre. However, ticket booked with this website will provide you direct entry simply by showing the SMS.
  10. Kyazoonga: It is a website not only for movie tickets booking but also for booking tickets for events as well as for providing merchandise. Currently offering services in Pimpri and Pune, it is a very popular website for ticket booking in these areas.
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Tips to book confirm Tatkal ticket online

Tatkal timing has changed. Now it’ll be booked from 10am rather than the old time of 8am. This change has tremendously cut down the traffic at reservation counters and on irtctc’s website for online reservation, But the situation is still not too good.

In the blog, we tell you some easy tips to increase your chances of getting a confirm Tatkal ticket. Things mentioned in the article aren’t ripped-off air but are proven and potentially useful.

  1. Try to book as early as possible: A no brainer. To snatch a confirm tatkal ticket online you at least need to have a broadband internet connection. Satellite connection is best. Never try to book tatkal ticket using dial-up connection, its insane.
  2. Never pay by Debit/Credit card: Paying by debit/credit card causes unnecessary delay in processing. You might start booking a tatkal with 20+ seats remaining and ultimately land up with a waiting list ticket. Payment mode must be faster, and hence Netbanking is the best option.
  3. Book tatkal from next station to train’s source station: If you can’t find a confirm tatkal ticket from your preferred station, then book it from any of the big stations that’s nearer to you and also falls in the train’s route. One thing to note here is that every station has tatkal quota of itself. So, if your train runs from New Delhi[NDLS] to Guwahati [GHY], then book tatkal from Kanpur or Lucknow to Guwahati than from NDLS itself.If there are no seats remaining at 10:15 from NDLS then there are every chance that a few seats would be available from Kanpur, Lucknow, Mughalsarai and other big stations in the route. Also tatkal fare is charged from source station to destination.

    Note: Big cities, holy places and stations on border of two states usually have more tatkal quota than normal stations. Some stations with larger tatkal quotas are New Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Allahabad.

  4. Survey Results on Tatkal traffic: After analyzing the tatkal traffic of 25 Rajdhani and JanShatabdi trains over the period of 6 months, it’s been found that the chance of getting a confirm tatkal ticket online is as follows, [From source to destination station]

    1. 10:00am -100% chances
    2. 10:05am – 78% chances
    3. 10:10am – 50% chances
    4. 10:15am – 15% chances
    5. 10:20am – 5% chances

  5. Never refresh a page if its loading:, the Railways website for online reservation is very slow but responsive during tatkal timings. So a good idea is to never interrupt the page loading/processing even if its slow. If you do so, you might have to start-over the booking from beginning.
  6. Don’t make mistakes: Act fast, fill entries quickly. Don’t waste more time reading pages and rechecking the filled entries. Also, don’t make your preferred seat as mandatory [Lower/upper/Side-lower etc]. If you do so then later you might be asked for permission if your preferred seat isn’t available. This will cause unnecessary delay and your tatkal might went to Waiting List which was otherwise confirmed.
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LinkedIn makes 20 times more revenue than Facebook

The heading might sound a bit misleading but is a fact that LinkedIn makes 20 times more money per user than Facebook. So, if LinkedIn has 900million users like Facebook then it would have 20 times more money in its pocket.

This is due to the type of services that both social networking sites offer. Facebook offers everything for free and its only source of income are the ads. On the other hand, LinkedIn offers numerous services that has charges for usage.

Facebook, being a social networking site has a huge user base as it covers almost each and everyone in the society. So an ads that’s shown 1000 times is only clicked once or twice. While LinkedIn is a professional networking site with narrow scope (professionals only). Most ads gets better response being of common interest of many users.

LinkedIn makes 20 times more revenue than Facebook

Hence, despite having 150million users, too low compared to Facebook’s 900+ million, its still making big money. Here are a few more interesting points between LinkedIn and Facebook revenue-making strategies,

  1. Each LinkedIn user spends nearly 18 minutes per month on the social networking site. Facebook users spend a mammoth 6.3 hours per month.
  2. LinkedIn get nearly 1.30$ for every hour spent on the site by a single user. On the contrary, Facebook gets 6.2 cents per hour per user.
  3. LinkedIn Recruiter is LinkedIn’s service that gives the social networking site revenue upto $8,200 a year per seat.
  4. A big LinkedIn customer, Adobe has 70+ seats. It generated over half a million per users.
  5. LinkedIn, the professional networking site makes almost $400,000 per year by selling/recommending candidates to recruiters.
  6. In 2012, LinkedIn’s profit is expected to get double and reach up-to $70 million.
  7. By 2014, LinkedIn is expected to make nearly $2 billion.
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How to detect user location using Google Maps, Geolocation API and HTML5

Seen Google Maps? Amazing isn’t it? Wanna use it to track your friend’s or girlfriend’s location. If yes, then just sit back and read our monthly superpost wherein we’ll explain how Google Maps can be used in conjunction with Geolocation API and HTML 5 to detect anyone’s location on Map.

Not only this, you can also track if the subject is changing location – whether he/she is moving and where he/she is heading.

In the tutorial, we’ll do simple stuff – just mark user location and show it on map. Here is the demo of what we’re building. [Click ‘Allow’ when asked for permission]

For easy grasp, we’ll break the code in pieces and discuss every bit in detail.

Let’s start,

First, some Terminology

1. Geolocation API: The API provides additional properties to navigator object that helps in detecting user’s (browser, in fact) latitude and longitude positions. These values are detected and transferred to Google Maps as parameter, which shows the location accordingly on map. All modern browsers those support HTML5 – IE9+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari5+, Chrome5+, Opera10.6+, iPhone3+, Android2+ support Geolocation API. [More on Geolocation API]

2. Google Maps API: This API define functions for easy interaction with Google Maps. API functions take coordinate values (latitude and longitude) of user location and shows it on map as output. [More on Google Maps API]

3. HTML5: It’s as advanced version of HTML with added features. All modern browsers supporting HTML 5 provides inbuilt support to Geolocation API as well. [More on HTML5]

How Maps would appear in output

In the HTML code, we do the following things,

  1. Specify <!DOCTYPE html> according to HTML5 standards,
  2. Load Google Maps JavaScript API <script src=""></script> to use its functions for interaction with Google Maps.
  3. Define two divs – #location_div where location name would show up (like Delhi, India), and #map_div is where the output map would appear.
  4. Height and width of all elements is set to 100% as we want to show the map over the entire webpage.

Program execution starts when the JavaScript function location_info() is called on onLoad() event in the <body></body> tag. Here is the code,

<!DOCTYPE html style='width:100%;height:100%;'>

 <title>Tracking location using Google Maps API, Geolocation API in HTML5 supporting browsers

<script src=""></script>

<body onload='location_info()'>
 <div id='location_div' style='background:black;'></div>
 <div id='map_div' style='width:100%;height:100%;'></div>

Next is the big JavaScript code that does all the work. Here we first get the coordinates of user, then send them to Google Maps and display the returned Map with user location marked on it.

Get coordinates, send to Google Maps API and show location on Map

1. location_info function is called on page load JS event. This function calls the getCurrentPostion() method of Geolocation API, which must have 2 callback functions – one that’ll be called when program runs normally (get_coords) and other one when there is an error in execution (if_error).

function location_info()
 navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(get_coords, if_error);

Additional Info:  Besides, there are 3 optional arguments – enableHighAccuracytimeout and maximumAge.

  1. enableHighAccuracy is a Boolean argument with true/false value. By default, its false. When its turned true, results are more accurate but there could be delay in fetching result.
  2. timeout is the maximum time program can wait for results to appear. It’s counted after user consents to detect his location.
  3. maximumAge is time for which a location information for user should remain in browser cache. Suppose, maximumAge is set to 12000 ie 2 minutes then location retrieved at 10:00am till 10:02am would be the same. It’ll alter after the maximumAge is elapsed.

Here is how the function would appear with both callback functions and optional arguments.

function location_info()
 navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(get_coords, if_error, {enableHighAccuracy:true, timeout:10000, maximumAge:75000});

2. In the next function, we collect the longitude and latitude coordinates for a user and send to google.maps.LatLng() function as parameter.

We also define zoom level, type of map in mapsOptions array. This array is then passed to google.maps.Map() function that creates an object of Map class.

An object of Marker class – marker is created to mark the location in red colored sticker.

reverse_geocode() function is called at the end that returns address name to users longitude and latitude coordinate.

function get_coords(position)
 var latitude=position.coords.latitude;
 var longitude=position.coords.longitude;

var mapsOptions={
 zoom: 12,
 center: new google.maps.LatLng(latitude, longitude),
 mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP

var map=new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("map_div"), mapsOptions);

var marker = new google.maps.Marker({
 position: pos,
 map: map,
 title: "User location"


3. Location name for user coordinates

Using geocode() method of Geocoder class, we can map the near-exact address for a pair of longitude and latitude coordinates. Here, we already have the coordinates and hence we can get the location as well.

Look at the following code that displays address inside the #location_div,

function reverse_geocode()
 geocoder.geocode({'latLng': pos}, function(results, status){
 if (status == google.maps.GeocoderStatus.OK)
 if (results[1])
 document.getElementById('location_div').innerHTML="<p style='margin:0px;padding:5px;color:white;font-weight:bold;font-size:12px;color:#ededed;font-family:Tahoma;'> Now you're at <span
 alert("Geocoder failed due to: " + status);

Error handling

There may occur some problems while detecting user’s geolocation. In such cases, the second callback function if_error() is called instead of get_coords().

Below are the error values that might pop-in,

  • 1 is returned when user denies geolocation tracking.
  • 2 is when the google maps doesn’t return geolocation value either because coordinates are wrong or an app exhausted the given number of free requests, or any other reason.
  • 3 is when the app/program is kept waiting for time longer than what specified in the getCurrentPosition() function.

function if_error(err)
 if(err.code==1){alert('User Denied');}
 if(err.code==2){alert('Position unavailable');}

On executing the code, this is how it’ll run. First user would see a opt-in in browser that’ll ask for user consent.

permission for detecting user location using geolocation API in chrome browser

If user allows, coordinates are sent to Google maps and result is retrieved and shown. If user denies, error 1 pops-in an alert with message ‘User Denied’.

The location sharing system is highly secure and programs can only read location if user grants permission. The entire system is fool-proof and location can’t be read by any other means.

(Post under updation…)

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