Open mailto: link in Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL

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When you click on a mailto: link, the compose mail option opens up in Microsoft Outlook. This is great if you’re an Outlook user. What if you want the same mailto: link to open in your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account? Wouldn’t be nice if you can send such emails directly through Gmail, AOL or Yahoo.

This is possible with a small Google Chrome addon called mailto. This addon does the same what naturally happens in Outlook. All you need it to configure it to Gmail (or any preferred email service provider). So, when a mailto: link is clicked, the compose mail option opens up in Gmail rather than MS Outlook.

Apart from Gmail, you can use it for any of your preferred email clients – AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and others.

Here is the link  to the Chrome mailto: addon.

These are the steps of using it,

1. Plug the addon to your Chrome browser. An incognito window would open up. Set the preferred email service. Here we’ve selected Gmail.

open mailto link in gmail-2

2. Once addon is added to our Chrome browser, restart it. Next, click on any mailto: link you see.

open mailto link in gmail-2 copy

3. It’ll open up a Gmail’s compose mail window. Write email and send.

open mailto link in gmail-3

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