Online Security: Firewall as a Cool Aviator against Online Threats

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If your computer has access to the Internet or any other network, then it is normal for you to be thoughtful about the system’s online security. Though the Internet is a virtual world of wonders, at times, it can be extremely dangerous to your system. When your computer is exposed before online threats, you can solve the virus by various effective online security mechanisms. However, when you can smartly use your system’s Firewall as a powerful Internet security tool to combat Internet threats beforehand, why stuff the PC’s memory with tiresome antivirus software?

Firewall as a powerful Internet security tool

online security using firewall

A Firewall is security software which scans the information which the system exchanges over a network connection or Internet, so as to allow transfer of only safe and secure data. Depending on the settings set by the user, a firewall either allows or blocks content from the Internet.

The essential functions achieved by a Firewall are listed below:

  1. Even without your knowledge, your system can be converted into a dangerous device through which sensitive data and information can be transmitted to other computers or to other networks. Firewall is an excellent online security tool which prevents such misuses and ensures the security of your system form online threats.
  2. Further, Firewall prevents malwares and worms from gaining access to a PC. All data entering and leaving your system is checked for online safety measures by the Firewall.
  3. Firewall also helps you to verify any potential threat which your system or any installed software possesses. Firewall reports such infections in a timely manner and prevents transmission of such infection from your system to other networks.

Firewall is not merely a software blocker which denies permission to any software which you wish to access. If the user wants to access a particular program and is quite sure of its safety, then there is provision in Firewall to create an exception for that particular software. This process is called ‘Unblocking’ or in absolute terms, ‘allowing a program through the firewall’. Access to send data back and forth a Firewall can also be achieved by opening different ports in Firewall.

Firewall settings to ensure online security

There are a few recommended settings which are default settings to activate Firewall in a system to ensure online security. These include:

  1. Switching on the Firewall and thereby activating it.
  2. Firewall switched on for all network connections including the Home, Work, Public location, Domain and so on.
  3. Firewall blocking inbound connections, which are not, set as exceptions by the user.

If, for any reason, your system’s Firewall setting is automatically turned off, then you can switch it on easily. To switch on the Firewall settings of your system, you have to follow just a few easy steps which are listed below:

  1. On the ‘Start’ menu Control Panel, select ‘Security’ and click ‘Windows Firewall’.
  2. To turn the Firewall off, click the option and specify the confirmation or password prompted for.
  3. Now, click ‘On’ again, to switch on the Firewall and click ‘OK’.

Special properties in Firewall to combat Internet threats

Several versions of Firewall come with advanced options for IT professionals and software geeks. Through the advanced Firewall settings, you can enhance the security of your system and ensure safe browsing. Windows Firewall with advanced security settings can be edited through the ‘Start’ menu’s ‘Control panel’ with the use of ‘System and Maintenance’ option.

If you are a member of the Administrator’s group or the Network Operators’ group, then you will be granted access to the Firewall Advanced Security options. Firewall, which comes equipped with advanced security tools, is doubtlessly a perfect solution to Internet threats. And always ensure that the Firewall settings are set to minimize the security threats to your PC.

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