How to book Nokia Lumia 800 in India

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Nokia Lumia 800Ads of Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone is all over internet and if you’re inclined to purchase the new Nokia smartphone this coming year then continue reading this blog because we have complete information of the launch dates, price and pre-order booking of Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone.

The cool big display of Nokia Lumia 800 is enough to enthrall Indian people who love Nokia like no other brand. But that’s not all, it has many more features that you would definitely like, you can check our hands on review of Nokia Lumia 800 for more information.

After days of speculation, Nokia broke the silence and announced that new Nokia Lumia 800 is coming to India this December.

Book Nokia Lumia 800 in India

To make the purchase more successful and create thrill among customers, Nokia preferred new marketing strategy this time. Nokia Lumia 800 customers are supposed to give pre-orders with Nokia Priority Dealers.

The real price of Nokia Lumia 800 in India will be around Rs 30,000, which is equivalent to Lumia launch market in European countries. Though, the price tag of the smartphone is slightly more than other Nokia smartphones, but you can book one just by paying Rs 3000 and enjoy good discount (2% approx).

Nokia’s unique marketing strategy is due to the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4S; coming days may become more competitive for both the companies. Nokia will have tough competition with Motorola Droid RAZR and Apple’s iPhone 4S price in India, they will cost $1000 and $700 respectively.

But, as far as Nokia marketing strategy is concerned, it has win-win chances of winning this battle by launching Nokia Lumia 800 in December 2011 and Nokia Lumia 710 in February 2012.

Launch in 5 Indian cities

Before the launch of Nokia Lumia 800 in India, Nokia updated its Facebook page which says that grand fanfare will begin today in 5 Indian cities. If you are lucky to step inside the venue, you will enjoy the trumpeting sound at 6 PM in these venues.

Company is ready to bring the house down in following cities with a grand launch:

  1. Bangalore – Forum Mall
  2. Mumbai – Korum Mall,
  3. Hyderabad – GVK One – Banjara Hills
  4. Kolkata – SouthCity Mall
  5. Gurgaon – Ambience Mall

3 ways to book Nokia Lumia 800 in India

You are not supposed to purchase Nokia Lumia 800 directly; of course, this is easier than usual shopping experience.

There are 3 very easy ways:

  1. Simply type SML LUMIA and send it to 55555.
  2. Visit 800, fill the form and book your new Nokia smartphone.
  3. If you have any Nokia Priority Partner in your city, pay a fast visit and book your Nokia Lumia 800 in India.
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