Hands on review of Nokia Lumia 800

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Nokia and Microsoft lately announced historical tie up in February to promote their businesses and the new Nokia Lumia 800 one of this association.

If you yearn to buy Nokia Lumia 800, make your purchase more fun and interesting by looking at the following hands-on review of the smartphone. I got to check the smartphone just a few days after it was launched in India.

nokia lumia hands on review in india

Hands-on review

Carefully observing the exterior styling of Nokia Lumia 800, you might get a reflection of the previously launched Nokia N9 smartphone. N9 was Meego based while Nokia Lumia 800 runs on Windows Phone 7 operating system.

Appearance is great, clear black technology really makes the 3.7-inche LCD screen unique and different from other smartphones.

Like all other Nokia smartphone, this one is not slim and weighs a bit higher, its 12.1 mm thick and weights about 142 grams. Its has a powerful battery, you can run upto 7 hours of video and 13 hours non-stop talktime which is almost equal to iPhone4S.

You will also experience that the color intensity of Nokia Lumia 800 is relatively deeper or darker in comparison to Nokia Lumia 710, the other Lumia in the market. Nokia is not using older TFT technology in its latest versions just because of better contrast ratios and more vivid colors.

The new Nokia smartphone has AMOLED screen, which is quite popular these days.

Nokia Lumia 800 price in India

As far as the price of Nokia Lumia 800 in India is concerned, you must be ready to pay 28,000, and do not expect any bargaining; because it is hot in demand, Indian people love Nokia.

Here is the full specification of Nokia Lumia 800,

  1. Internet Explorer 9 fast browser with HTML5 support
  2. WAP data connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB
  3. Outlook Mobile for quick business emails
  4. Xbox Live Hub for interesting gaming
  5. 25GB free cloud storage
  6. 512MB RAM
  7. 16GB Internal memory
  8. Multi format Music Player
  9. Fast HD video recording
  10. 8 MP Autofocus camera having dual LED Flash and Carl Zeiss optics
  11. 800 x 480 pixels screen resolution
  12. 3G HSDPA Network

Nokia Lumia 800 has a smooth curves fitting. You can comfortably handle your handset with and without protective case as it is not going to slip from your grip. And, if you somehow managed to drop it then don’t worry, it won’t get damaged that easily.

3 weak points

The latest Nokia smartphone has some low points, some could go down as blunder, I think.

Here are the three biggest ones,

  1. RAM of the New Nokia Lumia 800 is just 512mb which is really poor if you compare with other smartphones. Windows Phone 7 operating system consumes less memory, despite that it’s better to have at least 1 Gb memory to support the processor.
  2. And here is the biggest blunder, front camera is missing, the pivotal feature of modern day smartphones. Video chat isn’t possible with no front facing camera in Nokia Lumia 800.
  3. Also, the internal storage of 16Gb is beyond comprehension when smaller smartphone brands are providing 32 Gb internal storage.
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