New subscribe button by Facebook to filter news feeds

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Facebook always updates its subscribers through its News Feed feature, but sometimes, this feature sounds to be killing because we do not like to see most of the information. We hear many stories from people we do not know or we are not interested in, if you want to avoid this annoyance then you should know about the new Facebook Subscribe Button.

Launched in late September ’11, Subscribe Button by Facebook will allow you to hear from people you want, you can also customize the number and type of updates you want to receive from your friends in the news feeds.

new subscribe button launched by Facebook

Subscribe button in friend's profile

The biggest use of the new subscribe button is to filter the content displayed in the News Feed.

If you are interested in getting limited updates from any of your friend then you will have only this information once you customize the subscription settings. In addition to this, you can also customize the type of updates you wish to receive from your friends shares including posts, stories, games photos, comments and likes; you can customize just about anything with a few clicks.

Also, to stop getting updates from from your friend you can check ‘unsubscribe’. This service is optional and by default, it would show everything, you have to customize it manually to filter the content displayed in your news feeds.

You can use Subscribe Button to hear from interesting/notable persons on Facebook. Subscribe Button is also available on the profile of celebrities, bloggers and other notable persons. With a click on subscribe button you’ll start receiving their updates in your Facebook News Feed.

Subscribe to politicians, celebrities

Subscribe to politicians, celebrities

Also, if you are interested in politics and want to know who is saying what, or what politicians and celebrities are saying about any particular section of politics, this filter will provide you only that information. Once you get subscribed to the Facebook, you will start receiving the information you want.

There is much more for you because Facebook is also updating Subscribe Button to make you feel new experience of social activities.

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