New LICMobile android app for LIC users

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Life Insurance Corporation of India(LIC) has launched its Android app called ‘LICMobile’ to facilitate users with the correct information on new and existing LIC plans.

lic launches android appNot only users, the new app would help on-field LIC agents to get information on latest LIC plans while dealing with users.

The LICMobile app could be downloaded from

Its categorized under ‘Finance’ sector and is available for download absolutely free of cost.

The app can be used on any Android smartphone and tablets.

Users could also choose their desired plans with just a click. Moreover, they can get information of the installments they would have to pay for the selected plan.

Also, information on the age, time span, risk cover etc for a plan can be retrieved with the new LICMobile Android app.

Also, one can also ask for more details on any plan, which would be sent to them via email and SMS.

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