Netbooks and Notebooks

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If you run into gadget market to buy your dream computing device then you’ve got more options to choose than what your dad had.

As we move up along the technological ladder, gadgets start to get smaller and faster. Previously we had computers that many of us felt as the ultimate computing device but then there came the Netbooks and notebooks.

A Notebook is basically a mobile desktop with everything you want to carry and operate, and Netbooks, though more portable but lie on the downside of performance and efficiency.


Netbooks and  Notebooks Comparison

  1. Netbooks are basically smaller sized and less weighted laptops. Netbooks weigh some 2-3 pounds which is nearly half the weight of Notebooks.
  2. While the Notebooks come in screen sizes which reach 17.4’s, the Netbooks usually come in the size of 7 to 12 inches.
  3. Both Netbooks and Netbooks can run on any operating system like Linux and Windows however Notebooks have problems in running vista so Microsoft launched a new version of vista for Netbooks.
  4. Since the Netbooks are designed for light usage, the storage capacity in the Netbooks is less when compared to a Notebook. It has no CD/DVD drives while it has 2-3 USB slots and webcam. Movies and music can be played through a hard drive. You can find all these things in a Notebook.
  5. This is where the main difference between Netbooks and Notebooks lies. A Netbook processor is slower than that of a Notebook. Netbooks runs slower atom processors as compared to Core 2 duo and higher in notebooks. They pose problems in running heavy files, image and script extensive sites like YouTube.
  6. Netbooks and Notebooks have a long battery life. Netbooks can run upto 10 hours compared Notebooks which practically gives 4 to 6 hr battery backup.

Who should prefer Netbooks?

Netbook are meant for mild users of the computer. The lightweightness, portability and long battery life of Netbooks makes it loveable to many. Netbooks are best advised for people who need portability and use internet frequently like bloggers and travelers.

Also, netbooks are for people who like a small display, find it comfortable to use the small keys and don’t require to run RAM overloading programs like Games, Photoshop and similar heavier stuffs. Netbooks are preferred by women and for minor home and office works. It could be your child’s first computer.

Netbooks are only good for internet related work, editing and writing works. So if you need something lightweight to carry while travelling, Netbook is the best choice.

And most importantly, if you have maintained a long reputation in cracking laptops then go for Netbooks without a shadow of doubt in your mind – its better to flush $200 than $500.

Notebooks are for people who have to do all sorts computing exercises ranging from running bulky programs to carrying out graphical extensive sketches and designs. Notebooks are just a replacement to older desktops and are best for people who need divine powers with big RAM, stronger processor and whopping HDD.

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