Upcoming Mozilla Firefox U.I.tweak and changes

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Mozilla Firefox U.I.tweak and changes

Mozilla might be getting ready to give Firefox another facelift according to latest mockups of potential design changes that are posted on the Mozilla Wiki.It can be observed from released screenshots that Mozilla is planning to remove Firefox button that currently resides at the top-left of the browser and replaces it with a new menu panel.

Mozilla Firefox U.I.tweak and changes

This menu panel will display common tasks in FF like opening a new windows, printing, private browsing as well as offering access to the Options menu.It would be similar to Google Chrome but unlike Chrome one can customize the new U.I. of FF. Thus,you can redesign your FF U.I. according to your choice even in upcoming versions.

Users will also have the ability to add and remove items to and from the toolbar with customized themes.Chrome lovers may feel at home but native FF U.I. lovers may get disappointed again after adapting changes in U.I. from FF3 to FF4 +versions.For the time being lets hope Mozilla will keep its users at ease while improving the U.I. further.

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