More traffic to a blog in 6 simple and cost effective ways

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I run a blog that’s dying down due to lack of visitors, what should I do to up the traffic? This is a question revolving around many struggling bloggers like me, so here are a few very simple tips to soar-up the traffic of your website,

  1. Useful content – Write addictive content that can force readers to visit the website again and again. It shouldn’t be generalized or small just intended to increase the number of blogrolls. A blog must  hold information understandable to a wide range of readers including a novice as well as a professional.
  2. Web design – Keep website design simple yet attractive to gain attention. Don’t try to put-in bombastic designs that doesn’t match the website niche. You can opt for a website designer to help you out. Design is very important in increasing blog traffic.
  3. Follow other bloggers – You must be in touch with other bloggers belonging to your niche and write on interesting subjects. Don’t go after each and every blogger rather select some and follow them till washroom. In addition to this, you visit other bloggers, post comments and who knows he might do the same. In addition to this, regular visits and comment posting may divert small traffic to your website.
  4. Guest posting – Guest posting is another simple way to bring more traffic to your website. You can hire some bloggers to put in good and informative content, and in return you would get bulk traffic from his twitter followers and Facebook likes. Also this would blend a different taste to our website and prevent it from going monotonous.
  5. SEO – I know you have heard of this multiple times but SEO is definitely something that bloggers should crunch day and night. For a good SEO you just need a basic understanding of how search engines rank blogs in search results, you can also hire a firm to take care of your blog’s SEO.
  6. Your t-shirt and bike – Why spare your t-shirt and bike from marketing your blog. Wear t-shirts with your blog name printed on it, purchase in bulk and distribute to your friends and other family members. It wouldn’t cost your more than Rs. 20 per piece.
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