Maximise Your Reach with Effective Social Bookmarking

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If you are looking ways to promote your business online, than social bookmarking can help you drive traffic to your website. Effective social bookmarking services provide users to organize, store and manage web pages which they want on the net effectively. It is a way to promote your blog, your online content and to build a strong network of regular visitors.

Social bookmarking refers to the tagging a website or other links to share them with friends or to keep them for future referencing. A tagged website becomes available for everyone online. Thus bookmarking your website means driving more traffic which is pronounced if it is popular among other social media users. Here are some effective social bookmarking techniques that will help you promote your website.

Submit URLs only to the sites marked as DoFollow

Submitting URLs to DoFollow social bookmarking sites will help search engines crawl your bookmarks and take them as backlinks.

Relevant description to your bookmarks

Use optimized keywords and make the description about the blog post or article that you want people to click on, as much informative as possible. Do not insert automatically generated descriptions that cut the text half way as they are not going to work anyways.

Related tags

Since bookmarks are very short, you can use one to three related tags to repeat the keywords you are using in the description and title. If you are thinking to add so many keywords like 25 of them, do not even think of doing this, doing this will decrease your bookmark’s searchability.

Alternative titles for bookmarks

Titles should be different, containing alternative keywords. Make use of words and expressions that are related to the content of your article but use different keywords as this will increase SEO potential.


What you can do is to build your own network and get social with those who have common interests. It is in your benefit to participate in the communities by giving votes for someone else’s bookmarks and leaving comments.

Use several social bookmarking sites

Next you can do to maximize your reach is to group your bookmarks on different social bookmarking sites, if you have things for branching and specialize is variety of fields. You can easily keep the contributions focused this way and your network need not handle unnecessary bookmarks. This is because if you post bookmarks of different content at one place, followers will soon shift to somewhere else as they won’t scan your content in search of what they are looking for.


This includes mainly two promotions to have greater traffic.

  1. Social bookmarking profiles: You can use follow me icons on your website or the blog or link your social bookmarking profiles in the places frequently visited by web users like article directories or tweet other. In short find friends or simply the followers on your blog and more people on your network means easy for you to have your bookmarks voted up, checked out and rebooked.
  2. Other writing: This primarily includes the well-relevant and informative profile pages contain relevant data and having links to your blog or twitter or Facebook or any other place you’d like to. If you really have some interesting bookmarks, people will naturally follow you on the sites you want them to.

Plan and Automize

You should have a disciplined schedule and use more of automations. This means for effective social bookmarking and to have more visitors to your site, you need to be active on social bookmarking sites even if you are very busy. Prefer submission of URLs to the websites that take automatic bookmark submissions.

Hope this may help you promote your business online by increasing the traffic with effective social bookmarking and internet marketing.

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