Make SEOed blogs with Chrome browser, see how?

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I don’t comprehend why people are still using their old browser when a much better option, Google Chrome is available.

A blogger or a SEO guy must be using Chrome browser for the simple reason, it helps in improving SEO of a blog.

Pressing CTRL+F activates search feature for a browser, whether its MSIE, Firefox, Safari or Chrome, everybody has this.

In Google Chrome, this feature behaves differently than other web browsers. When a word or a phase is searched while writing a blog, Chrome shows the count of total occurrences and highlights all of them.

With this, bloggers can look at how the keywords and keyphrases are placed  in the blog to better manage them and further improve the SEO.

Below is a snapshot showing how I make use of the browser in correctly identifying the appearance and location of my keywords and keyphrases for a blog.

Chrome browser helps in making SEOed blogs

Including keywords and maintaining density is the most basic idea for generating well-perming SEOed blogs.

Other browsers does help in keyword searching but they didn’t show the count which is very important from SEO point of view. Safari browser by Apple behaves same like Chrome and can be a good alternative, but overall, Chrome is lighter, faster and better than Safari browser.

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