Major security issues with cloud servers

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Cloud services are amazing enough to attract more and more users yet, like any other web server, its prone to cyber attacks.

We will try to understand how security of cloud server can be breached to compromise user cloud data.

Cyber attack by criminals

Cloud Server Vulnerable to Cyber Attack by Hackers

In cloud computing, anybody can register and place their data to the cloud, paying a small fee. Cyber criminals often plant malicious codes to their hosting account and carry attacks on others account hosted on the same server.

Such attacks can only be avoided by repeated checks for loopholes and flaws in the security.

Though, Cloud data of all users are placed in separate compartments but black-hats find their way to others account. With new technologies like CAPTCHA solving farms, automated bruteforce attack and others infiltration into user accounts have gone very easy.

Since cloud server is much like your laptop containing all your private and business details, losing such vital stuff is enough to take your sleep away.

Is Cloud server really vulnerable?

Yes, most low cost cloud servers have a weak registration process. One can start using cloud hosting just by providing name, email-id and payment, hence there is no genuine way to trace the wrong doers.

Apart from this, cloud servers are in limited numbers, insufficient to meet the increasing requirements. Due to overflowing demand, most cloud servers provide services with less concern over persisting flaws and vulnerabilities. This can come out as a big security issue making the system more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Piling on the misery is the cheap and inefficient infrastructure that are not originally designed for cloud based systems. Furthermore, most cloud service providers use low cost apps and infrastructure that usually comes out as a smooth way of handling your account keys to someone anonymous.

Cloud computing, though present since 2003-04, but is surely lacking a strong and reliable security system.

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