Maintain multiple Facebook account in a single Chrome brower

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Most of us have got more than one Facebook account, one for personal use, one for ‘midnight’ use and, if required, probably one for professional use.

Such busy guys face problems in maintaining all these accounts as they have to frequently login/logout of one account to use the other one, which is indeed very painful.

But no more, a cool extension/plugin for Google Chrome browser allows you to maintain as many as 5 Facebook accounts, simultaneously. Once you enter all details, you can directly access all accounts in different tabs of a single Chrome browser. The login information is stored locally in encrypted form, not accessible to anyone except the extension.

For using it,

  1. You first need to download and install the Google Chrome extension.
  2. Open it and enter all accounts with password, and you’re done!
  3. Different tabs would open up with each tab showing your different Facebook account, independent of each other.

Wait no more, download your copy of fbQuickLogin for Facebook and start using multiple accounts on a Chrome browser, simultaneously.

Here is the video demonstration of how to use it,

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