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So today we are going to introduce you to a cool twitter client ‘Polly’. It’s to be noted that Polly is under active development so many of the features are not implemented yet. But still it is very much capable of doing many things.

To install on Ubuntu 11.04/11.10

Issue following three command in order to install(issue next command only when first command finishes).

  1. ‘sudo add-apt-repository ppa:conscioususer/polly-unstable’
  2. ‘sudo apt-get update’
  3. ‘sudo apt-get install polly’

To start Polly

Simply search for ‘Polly’ using Ubuntu dash or issue the following command in terminal.

Visual Tour

  1. So now we will explain Polly’s working using Screenshots.
  2. When you launch Polly for the first time you’ll see following screenpolly linux1
  3. Just go ahead and follow intructions to add you twitter account.
  4. As soon as your account is added, you’ll see your ‘Home+Mentions’ twitter stream like this,polly linux app1
  5. Now let’s have a look at the menu


 File Menu:polly linux app3

Edit Menu:polly linux app4 for twitter

Preferences(Edit>Preferences)polly linux app5 for linux


Now one of the nice features of Polly is that you can see multiple streams at a time like ‘My followers’, ‘Sent by me’ etc.

When you add any new stream your window just divide in to equal parts as shown below. I added ‘Retweeted by me’ stream that’s showing on the right hand side of the image.

polly linux twitter6

So,that’s all I wanted to tell you about Polly. But the app has more to offer. You can explore more features by installing and using it on your Linux box(Ubuntu box).

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