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This is our second post in the Series ‘Linux Application Explorer’ where we’ll study about the latest Linux applications which have hit the market very recently. I hope you’ve read
our first post on Polly twitter client.

Today we will have a look at FocusWriter which is a distraction free text editor. Some of the great features of FocusWriter are distraction free full screen writing mode, simplified interface and custom themes. Recently the application has added support for “.odt” files which is the common file type used by Openoffice and Libreoffice. So let’s install and use the application.

To intall it on Ubuntu, type-in:

$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:gottcode/gcppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install focuswriter

Now you have a working copy of Focuswriter.

To launch the app:
If you’re using Ubuntu then you can press the “window” key on your keyboard to launch Dash and search for “focuswriter”.Alternatively you can launch the terminal and issue ‘focuswriter’ in the terminal.

$ focuswriter

Now it’s the time to start our visual tour. When you launch the writer you’ll get something as shown below,

linux application focuswriter main screen

As you can see that there is no menu and all. Obviously this is what ‘distraction free’ is all about. Now if you want to see the menubar just move your mouse to the top of your screen.

linux application focuswriter1

So, let’s have a look at some of the menu options,

linux application focuswriter2 And the settings menu,

linux application focuswriter3

And here comes the fun part ‘Custom Themes’. So basically you can apply various styles and backgrounds to your text editor to spice up the looks Now to launch the themes dialog go to Settings>Themes. Below is the thing which you’ll get,

linux application focuswriter4Now to modify/add just press the corresponding button on ‘Themes’ dialog.
Here is the snapshot of ‘Modify’ dialog,

linux application focuswriter5Finally, it’ll be great to have some more info about the FocusWriter so let’s have a
look at ‘About’ dialog of the application.

linux application focuswriter6
So, that’s all about FocusWriter. We hope you’ll have a nice time using the application.

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