LinkedIn makes 20 times more revenue than Facebook

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The heading might sound a bit misleading but is a fact that LinkedIn makes 20 times more money per user than Facebook. So, if LinkedIn has 900million users like Facebook then it would have 20 times more money in its pocket.

This is due to the type of services that both social networking sites offer. Facebook offers everything for free and its only source of income are the ads. On the other hand, LinkedIn offers numerous services that has charges for usage.

Facebook, being a social networking site has a huge user base as it covers almost each and everyone in the society. So an ads that’s shown 1000 times is only clicked once or twice. While LinkedIn is a professional networking site with narrow scope (professionals only). Most ads gets better response being of common interest of many users.

LinkedIn makes 20 times more revenue than Facebook

Hence, despite having 150million users, too low compared to Facebook’s 900+ million, its still making big money. Here are a few more interesting points between LinkedIn and Facebook revenue-making strategies,

  1. Each LinkedIn user spends nearly 18 minutes per month on the social networking site. Facebook users spend a mammoth 6.3 hours per month.
  2. LinkedIn get nearly 1.30$ for every hour spent on the site by a single user. On the contrary, Facebook gets 6.2 cents per hour per user.
  3. LinkedIn Recruiter is LinkedIn’s service that gives the social networking site revenue upto $8,200 a year per seat.
  4. A big LinkedIn customer, Adobe has 70+ seats. It generated over half a million per users.
  5. LinkedIn, the professional networking site makes almost $400,000 per year by selling/recommending candidates to recruiters.
  6. In 2012, LinkedIn’s profit is expected to get double and reach up-to $70 million.
  7. By 2014, LinkedIn is expected to make nearly $2 billion.
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