Last chance to visit Rajnikanth’s website

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If you’re reading this blog then you’re one of those lucky guys who has the opportunity to visit Superstar Rajnikanth’s website.

rajanikanth's new website

This website runs only when you’re disconnected from internet.

In case you’re thinking this one as fake then first look at Rajani’s website,¬†and then disconnect your internet connectivity.

If you think the website would stop then beware of the fact that this is Rajni’s website not yours.

This great website still keep on running. You can go through the entire website despite having no internet connectivity.

But if you, somehow, dare to connect it with internet, then Rajni would know it and stops it from running.

This website runs of Rajni power, which is more powerful than internet. Google is looking to find the logic behind this amazing stuff, but I don’t think they would crack the¬†mystery because it’s Rajni’s website not Google or Facebook.

In our next blog we’ll explain more about Rajni’s power. Stay tuned!!!

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