Kingsoft Office 2012: Best free alternative to M.S. Office

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Although Microsoft Office is the best office suite and dominates all other office software suites, there are number of free alternatives that do its job well. Kingsoft Office 2012 is one of them and is the exact clone of Microsoft Office 2010. Kingsoft Office Free offers three programs-Writer, Spreadsheets, and Presentation which compete with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, respectively.

Kingsoft Office 2012 standard is exact clone of MS Office 2012 standard edition can open and create any MS Office files (97/2000/2003/2007/2010). Kingsoft Office Suite Standard 2012 is a small, fast and powerful office suite designed to cater to the office need of students and home users. It is divided into three programs, they are Standard Kingsoft Writer 2012, Kingsoft Presentation 2012 and Kingsoft spreadsheets 2012 to perfectly meet your study and daily work requirements for office.


Adjustment Paragraphs with Kingsoft Writer

free office pdf creatorEasily edit paragraphs as per your wish using drag n drop feature. You can adjust indent and line spacing for your paragraphs conveniently without much efforts with paragraph adjustment tool in comparison to other office suites.

Humanized table operation

free office humanized tableBy using shortcut operations on the table you can Quickly select and move tables or add additional rows and columns.

Built-in PDF Converter

pdf converterYou can easily convert files created with Kingsoft Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation directly to PDF format. Open and convert Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Excel (.xls, .xlsx) and PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) files to PDF format.

Automatic spell check

spell check in officeYou can proofread your document and any incorrect words will get underlined with red lines while you type use the in-built spell checker.
Automatic spell check feature of Kingsoft Office 2012 also suggests a list of possibly correct words to help and improve your document.

Multiple document tabs – innovative feature in Kingsoft Office

Hassle free office works-by switching between multiple document with tabs instead of windows you save your time and clicks (This feature is absent in M.S. Office)..
The tab bar that appears above the editable area allows you to switch between documents quickly and conveniently.

Small data package

free office package smallKingsoft Office 2012 free is just 51MB, which is only one-tenth the size of other office suites. It installs within a minute and is much faster than other office suite due to lighter footprint.

Document encryption

free office document encryptionKingsoft Office 2012 document encryption feature enables you to protect your privacy by preventing others from viewing or changing the files.
You can enter a read-only password to only allow document viewing/reading and not modification/writing or you may enter a read-write password to both view and modify the document by writing/editing.

Share files via email

You can easily view and edit your mails with Kingsoft Office. Kingsoft Office comes with in-built emailing functions to share your documents.

Highest level of file compatibility and interoperability with Microsoft Office

free office compatibility

I know most of you are using Microsoft Office 2003/2007/2010 but believe me you won’t look back after using Kingsoft Office as it can open and create documents compatible with all Microsoft Office suites. This is not just limited to .doc, .ppt and .xls formats like other open-source alternatives, but even includes the modern Open-XML .docx, .pptx and .xlsx formats. As I said-Kingsoft Office 2012 standard is the exact clone of MS Office but with lighter footprint (83MB) and faster operations.

Kingsoft Office 2012 suite tools:

The interface of the program is very easy to use and you can get used to it in minutes if you have previously used Microsoft Office. It is light on resources and provides all the basic features required to work with documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

1. Writer:

Writing term papers, putting together a resume or drafting a letter is a straightforward affair on Kingsoft Writer. Users that have spent time with Microsoft Office will feel right at home on Kingsoft writer. The layout of Writer is similar to that of Microsoft Word, with many of the same features. The Writer application is the text processing tool that features a lot of important functions such as text formatting, tables, drawing tools and equation editing tools. It also includes a powerful spell checker that provides suggestions while you are typing the text.
Input file formats: Word (97/2000/2003/2007/2010) doc, dot, docx, .rtf, .wps and .wpt formats
Output file formats: Word (97/2000/2003) .doc, .dot, .wps and .wpt format.

2. Spreadsheets:

If you just glance at Kingsoft Spreadsheets, you’d probably mistake it for Excel. It resembles Excel in terms of functionality as well. Spreadsheets supports macros, exports to PDF files and has a function index for advanced mathematical operations. The Spreadsheets application deals with tables and allows you to create formulae and to link data tables. You can also insert charts, shapes and images in order to create reports for your team. If you need to analyze important data you can use the PivotTable tool that is included in the program.
Input file formats: Excel (97/2000/2003/2007/2010) .xls, .xlsx, .xlt, .csv, .xml, .et and .ett
Output file formats: Excel (97/2000/2003) .xls, xlt, .csv, .xml, .et, .ett and more.

3. Presentation:

Presentation is a clone of PowerPoint complete with transitions, graphics and the PPS file format. If you need to present your documents and spread sheets to your team or to other customers you can use the Presentation application that allows you to create slideshows. The presentations can include shapes, clipart, charts and sound effects to achieve the desired effect.
Input file formats: PowerPoint (97/2000/2003/2007/2010) .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .pot, .dps and .dpt formats
Output file formats: PowerPoint (97/2000/2003) .ppt, .pps, .pot, .dps and .dpt format.


Kingsoft Office 2012 free (51.4 MB)

Kingsoft Office 2012 standard (83.2 MB)

Kingsoft Office 2012 professional (101.9 MB)

Click here to get Kingsoft Office 2012 standard for free from giveaway offer.

The standard and professional versions of the program includes a modern ribbon interface that is the first choice when you are installing the suite. If you prefer the classic menu interface, you can switch to the Classic Style later, but it requires restarting the application.

Final Verdict:

Kingsoft Office Professional is an easy to use alternative to some of the much more costly home office software suites available. Kingsoft Office is small enough and light enough on system resources that it’s an ideal candidate for a netbook office software solution. Personally I would recommend all students and home users to use Kingsoft Office 2012 over Libre Office and Open Office as its the best alternative and fully compatible clone of MS Office 2010.

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