Kaspersky Internet Security 2012: Power,Performance and Security review

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Kaspersky is a well known name in the world of internet security.KIS is always among top 3 choice of all security test labs.In recent years Kaspersky faced stiff competition from Norton and Bitdefender; and the result is all new Kaspersky Internet Security 2012.KIS 2012 possess great U.I. and security features.


Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is a powerful security suite, packed with features, yet with less of a performance impact than the previous edition. KIS 2012 delivers premium protection from viruses, Trojans, spam, hackers, and more. Its cutting-edge, hybrid approach to digital security combines innovative, cloud-based technologies with advanced antivirus protection to deliver a faster, more effective response to today’s complex, ever-evolving threats. You, your private data and PC are completely protected as you work, bank, shop and play online.

KIS 2012 is also the top rated internet security suite from different security test labs like AV-TEST,AV-comparatives,Virus total etc.but lets see how it performed in realtime system performance and protection test.

In my test with 5600 virus sample Kaspersky internet security 2012 managed to clear 5421 viruses with detection rate of 97% and removal rate of 96.8% (while NIS 2012 scored 98.7%) which was a good score.Moreover considering security lab test reports of KIS 2012 ;it performed great in tests with Windows XP,Vista and 7 (Scroll down for my category-wise ratings).Unlike other security products KIS believes in curing and disinfecting files rather than deleting them.


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Kaspersky provides highly effective protection against malware, and no longer requires the level of fine-tuning that previous versions once did to prevent it from interfering with the day-to-day running of your computer.KIS 2012 comes with intelligent and powerful firewall.Safe Run feature protects system from questionable programs and websites. New U.I., simplified main window are good to eyes. File Advisor exposes program details from Kaspersky’s database.


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Enjoy secure online banking and shopping

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 warns you about potential phishing attacks and malicious websites and secures your sensitive personal information such as login credentials, credit card details, etc. You will enjoy complete peace of mind when you shop and bank online!

Get effective protection from unknown threats

KIS 2012 blocks unknown malware threats with the help of automatic monitoring, analysis and Kaspersky Lab’s cloud-based technologies that detect malware behavior patterns in application and system activities before they can harm your PC.

Communicate in safety on your favorite social networks

KIS 2012 constantly monitors Internet traffic and protects you from accidentally launching malware or following links to phishing websites when you are using Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Plus, your account details, pictures and other personal information stay safe.

Get immediate protection from emerging threats

KIS 2012 keeps your computer protected against the latest malware threats with the help of cloud-based technologies that leverage information from the Kaspersky Security Network [KSN] – Kaspersky Lab’s globally-distributed threat monitoring network which gathers information regarding new threats from millions of users’ computers around the globe.

Roll back changes made by malware

KIS 2012 safely undo changes that malware makes to your computer, ensuring no harm comes to your PC.

Benefit from hybrid protection

Whenever and wherever you use your PC and the Internet, take advantage of hybrid protection that brings together the latest information about malware threats from the cloud with the security capabilities in Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 installed on your computer for unbeatable protection.

Protect your identity from phishing attacks

KIS 2012 prevent cybercriminals from stealing your digital identity thanks to anti-phishing protection technologies inside Kaspersky Lab’s Internet security software which leverage lists of known phishing websites, proactive anti-phishing technologies and the latest information from the cloud.

Supervise your children’s computer use

You can manage when and how often your children access the PC and Internet and which games, websites and applications they use. Plus, you choose who your children communicate with via Instant Messaging and social networks and what their messages contain using predefined rules.

Special features:

  • Kaspersky URL AdvisorImproved!
    Marks web links with a color-coded tag that shows their danger level and allows you to choose whether to open them
  • Kaspersky File Advisor
    Checks file safety with a single click of the mouse New!
  • System WatcherImproved!
    Monitors suspicious application activities and allows you to roll back system changes made by malware
  • Application ControlImproved!
    Restricts program access to personal data and system files according to the level of danger that each program presents
  • Safe Run Mode
    Lets you launch suspicious applications and websites in a special, isolated environment where they cannot harm your computer
  • Two-way personal firewall
    Protects against hacker attacks
  • Anti-Phishing and Anti-Spam technologyImproved!
    Provides reliable protection for your personal information and guards against unwanted spam and adware
  • Parental ControlImproved!
    Provides flexible and effective settings to keep children extra-safe when they use computers and the Internet
  • Completely redesigned interface New!
    Makes navigating around security settings inside Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 quick and easy

Although its a great fully loaded security suite;it lags in some areas like:

  • Slow scan speed.
  • Antiphishing is not stronger than Internet Explorer.
  • Poor spam filter.
  • Configuration is required for social network monitoring cause problems for all secure sites.
  • System performance is reduced marginally.Browsing speed is affected by 15-20%.

Installation time was significantly high for KIS 2012 along with its large virus definitions updates.KIS 2012 may take as long as 20 min or more.Boot time was increased from 43 seconds to 54 seconds.

With all its features and efficiency Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 secured following ratings in my security test:
POWER: 8/10 (malware removal)
PROTECTION: 9/10(malware blocking)
PERFORMANCE: 8/10(system impact and slowdown)

Final Verdict: KIS 2012 is a great powerful security suite.Its good for both security and performance so I would recommend KIS 2012 for all.At the same time KIS 2012 lacks some performance and program features where Norton Internet Security 2012 outperforms KIS 2012.Thus,overall my first choice is Norton Internet Security 2012.

Download: Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (Trial version)

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