Journey of social media websites: From Facebook to Foursquare

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During my childhood days, I begin studies soon after waking up in the morning. But I can’t visualize my children doing the same. Transformation is the essence of life and everyone has to mingle with the changing trend. During the last decade, social media websites became the ultimate thing on web. There is Web 2.0 or social media to be precise, which is nothing more than an innovative way to reach worldwide audience.

From Facebook to Foursquare, social media has been a journey. It doesn’t matter if you are tweeting, digging it, posting updates, or posting YouTube videos, the ultimate motive is to reach people across the globe.

How the journey of Social media started

journey of social-media websites

The journey of social media started way back in 2003, when MySpace and LinkedIn floored. By the summers of 2004, Facebook and Orkut hooked up the cyberspace. Facebook has better services, was efficient and more attractive than MySpace, Orkut and others. Facebook smoked other websites, and soon became a toothbrush-like-stuff in our lives. Initially it was all about social networking but, there evolved YouTube in 2005. YouTube allowed people to post videos, let the world to see and comment on it. In Feb 2006, Jack Dorsey bring Twitter on the scene. Twitter is more like a personal diary to share with world. Websites like Digg, ibibo, StumbleUpon, Imgur, Disqus soon joined the wagon of social media.

Why Social media is prospering

Social media is prospering because it satisfies everyone related to it – users and the owners. Social media sites are the most cost effective ways of reaching a wide public in a short span of time. Google has some 1bn users, facebook has some 700million and twitter has 220mn. Reaching to such a huge audience is worthy in business marketing and sales promotion. To boost business, user can post ads by paying a small amount to social media websites.

social media ads for business marketing and sales promotion

From the owners point of view, social media ads, games and apps earns them many many billions. Social networking sites, discussion forums, video and file sharing sites charge for their services and make huge money. Mark Zuckerberg (founder of facebook), Jack Dorsey(Twitter) have billions in their kitty.

Throughout the journey of social media websites they helped in bringing people together. People from various country with diverse cultures and lifestyle communicate and share thoughts in much faster and easier way. Sites like LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, WordPress – different than others, are worth to use regularly.

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